Writer Craig Chester on True Blood’s “May Be The Last Time”

Sunday night’s episode, True Blood Season 7.07 “May Be The Last Time” was a turning point for Bill and Sookie and for the show. In the interview below with Entertainment Weekly, writer Craig Chester talks about the how and why they decided to reunite Bill and Sookie.


 Read excerpts from the interview about Bill and Sookie below:

Fans are going to be talking about Sookie and Bill having sex. She finally seems to accept that he’s dying and realizes she wants to stay with him until the end. That was obviously written to be very reminiscent of their first time together in season 1.

A lot of discussion went into that scene, which I think some people have been waiting for for a very long time and others have maybe not. [Laughs] We did shoot, shot-for-shot, Sookie running to Bill’s house in a white dress, so it is literally a callback to episode six of season 1. But one of the things that we talked about is that these are two very different people now that are reconnecting, who obviously have this deep love for each other. It’s loaded with this history between them. That was something that Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] beautifully conveyed, having played these characters for so long and knowing exactly where they’re at as they rekindle their feelings for each other.

When this season started, I remember thinking there was no way the show could get me to like Bill again and to root for him and Sookie. But it happened. Was that response something the writers worried about coming into this year?

We had a lot of discussions in the writers’ room about first love, and what it means to have a connection with someone that’s maybe not ideal in every way. I think a lot of people can relate to having that kind of intense connection with one other person that has its ups and downs. I think the fact that Bill is dying is the thing that allows Sookie to let go of whatever resentments that she might have had or accumulated over the years. When someone’s dying, it’s like all of the stuff that happened between you goes out the window. Everything suddenly becomes very real and very urgent. And I think that Bill is actually genuinely sorry for what he’s done to her. That transformation in him—I’m glad you said it feels organic—feels like the right thing for him.

In a way, it’s like his character hit bottom coming into this season. One of the reasons we’ve had all these flashbacks to his human life is that he’s reflecting on what that means: Who was he before he was turned into a vampire against his will and set off on this course in his undeath? He lost his family, he lost everything that he knew and loved. His feelings for Sookie, I think, are really real. I don’t think he intended for them to be real, but he did fall in love with her. When we were shooting episode 5 this season, which I also wrote, there was a scene on the porch where Anna and Stephen have a goodnight hug. I remember watching them shoot that scene and talking to Howie Deutch, who directed that episode, and going, “There is something undeniable about these actors’ chemistry.” It is one of the reasons why this show took off. And then they got married in real life, so it’s real. So it makes sense that of course, this was going to, in a very full circle way, go back to how it all began, which is this remarkable dynamic between these two characters and these two actors.

We still have three episodes left of the series. Do Bill and Sookie get time to enjoy this?

I think a lot of fans will watch the end of this episode and have expectations of where it’s going. There are a lot of people who want Bill and Sookie to wind up together, and there are people who don’t. I think the answer to your question is it’s very complex. One of the things we’re not shying away from is the complexity of that relationship. That’s all I’m gonna say.

The return of Niall [played by Rutger Hauer] came at a nice time.

We knew we wanted to bring Niall back at some point. We talked a lot about the first two seasons when we were starting this season, about going back to the more character-driven elements of the show that made us and fans love it. In the beginning of the series, Sookie had Gran to bounce things off of. There’s been an absence in her life of a sounding board, and Niall became that in this episode. He gives her a little bit of hope and then takes it back with a dose of reality: Magic can’t cure everything. It goes back to that theme: What does it mean to be human?

Seeing Dr. Ludwig [played by Marcia de Rousse] again was awesome.

When we were breaking this episode, I think it was Bucky who thought, “We should bring back Dr. Ludwig.” One of the things we talked about was how to make Sookie more active this season. She was trying to save her friends from the H-vamps at Fangtasia. We’re continuing that pattern of hers: Bill’s sick, and she’s not going to accept it. What can she do to try to help him? Of course, call Dr. Ludwig, who treated Sookie when Sookie was injured by the maenad. She’s such a fascinating character and a fascinating actress.


He also discusses the other story lines of the episode such as Violet’s sex dungeon, Arlene’s meetings with Keith, etc. and answers a lot of questions for the fans. Read this entire interview at Entertainment Weekly


  1. That’s my favorite scene when Sookie and Bill first meet. First love is so intense. You don’t know what to expect.

  2. That was awesome!! Been waiting for ages to see them kiss again!! It was their kiss in season one that had me hooked on the show!!

  3. You know they’re married in real life. My other half and I were thinking…”they’re married. Don’t suppose they just went all out and did it anyway for real?”

  4. What
    a revelatory (I think that’s a word) interview.  I read it in its entirety at The Vault.  To see these
    characters that we’ve watched and come to love over seven seasons mature
    and grow has been such a joy.  I’ve loved the character-driven scenes,
    the endearing touches, the beautiful moments, and even the painful ones
    … all are manifestations of where these folks are in their lives and
    how they are dealing with their present situations.
    I especially loved the Bill and Sookie parts.

    Thanks so much for this.  It was a pure pleasure to read.

  5. It’s pretty clear Eric & Sookie still have intense love for each other. I like Bill but not for Sookie….

  6. I always felt like they were meant for each other. No other two characters on the show have this kind of chemistry. I was so happy when she ran to him in her white dress just like in season 1, it was just so touching and sad at the same time because it really might be the last time for them. But I really hope it’s not :)

  7. I absolutely sat and cried as Sookie ran out of her house, wearing white, and into Bill’s loving arms!!!!! It started this way, it should end this way………….

  8. Last episode was the best episode by far for this season! Love seeing my two favorite characters Bill and Sookie reunite their love – and also big “Thanks” to the writer Craig Chester for making my wish come true…Remarkable ending!!!!

  9. This scene was so hot and sexy the sex on the floor wow no wonder she fell in love with him you know on the show the vampires are supposed to have great stamina unlike any other

  10. I love Stephen Moyer, however I disagree that he should be the end game with Sookie. His character has a mean streak that just never really set right with me. Eric and Sookie are more kindred in my opinion :)

  11. I’m so happy now I think Bill has one more episode and he’s gone but Eric finds Sara and heals himself like that chick did

  12. Thanks for spoiling this for the UK viewers and this in the US who havent seen it yet! Getting a bit sick of this now!

  13. As soon as the episode airs in the US we will discuss it here. If you haven’t seen the episode yet because you live in the UK, Australia or Timbuktu we advise you not to come to this page until you have.

  14. I didnt come to the page… it came up on the notifications page. :( u could at least post **spoiler alert**

  15. And I dont appreciate the addition of the ‘timbuktu’ as if everyone else in the world had to run on US schedules. We have no say on how tv is scheduled here or anywhere so to drop that in sounded like sarcasm. We would obviously prefer it if our tv companies did as they did with GoT and simultaneously broadcasted as much as time differences in other countries would allow. But we are 2 weeks behind. X

  16. I live in the uk and try my best to not read certain posts, if I do that’s my tough shit. Unlike the page if it bothers you that much

  17. Vicky griffin. So I get it … im not allowed to like this page/Stephen/ ask for a spoiler note. As I see it others complained about spoilers too but I get jumped on. All I asked was for a spoiler note to be put up and im now not supposed to like a Stephen Moyer page. Im sure stephen himself would be muchly impressed by that attitude! I love true blood and LOVE Bill/stephen. So NO I wont unilke the page!

  18. They need to end the show that way it started with them let it end with them hopefully bill will get cured or marries sookie before he dies

  19. I love BILL Stephen Moyer alot, however I disagree that he should be the end game with Sookie. His character has a mean streak that just never really set right with me/he was the abusive BF that Sookie needed to get away from…
    . Eric and Sookie are more kindred in my opinion :) Get Eric and Sookie back at the end ! :)

  20. So happy Bill and Sookie reunited.  now, let her wear Bills ring and marry him and let him bite and turn her and they can love one another for all eternity!!!! this is what I live for.

  21. Karen Tinks Ballantyne.hi im in the same situation love.but I have found a website that means I can catch up on season 7.xx try vidics.com, there on there.xx

  22. Hello from Greece!!!! We want Bill and Sookie together and forever!!!! He must healed and turned her to a health Vampire !!!! That’s is the very best end for the most of us!!!!!

  23. They belong together. Karen, no worry! This is just a tiny bit of spoiler. We’re savin’ the good stuff for you.

  24. I’m pleased as punch with the way it’s going! It’s so bittersweet .. Bill and sookie really belong together…

  25. on my hbo episode 7 only list the hd version and I do not have hd so I am unable to rewatch the episode. this is killing me. I only got to see it on sunday night. I want to see it again. does anyone else have this problem

  26. There chemistry was so strong, and the pure emotion. Their romance, because of the “age” difference reminded me very much of my relationship with my husband. It was a very much a love that did not fit the social norms. Thanks to everyone who worked on the show, both behind the camera and in-front for 6 great season. I am so very happy that they brought back the pure emotion that was lost the last couple of seasons.

  27. I love bill & sookie together better kill him off big team bill & sookie they belong together U0001f60dU0001f495U0001f60dU0001f495U0001f60d

  28. Because she had sex with someone she loves??? Fun fact, almost every other character on the show has had more sexual partners than Sookie, especially the men… But she’s the whore?

  29. Nah. Not that bit. There’s a saying in show business, ” if they wanna really do it, no one would really know …” It’s also HBO.

  30. why did you read it. i missed the episode Sunday night but i refused to go on facebook because i know people were talking about it. You spoiled it for yourself

  31. i’m nervous now for Bill, i hope he gets cured and i hope they stay together, Cure my baby Eric too please

  32. IBill is a bore. Eric and Sookie are more true. How do the producers do not come this? And the ending was very different from the books by Charlaine.

  33. I have always been on Team Bill…I loved the full circle feeling of it…I hope he is cured and they end the series with them together

  34. I knew this was coming with ‘BILL and SOOKIE”…Bill was  Sookie’s 1st LOVE so that connection is hard to break ,always remembers in the memories..then ENDS with each other in Death together or not but they will always be together…which they come up with just one more season when everybody vamps/human back together , cure found .. the human works day /vamps at night to get the town back up and runnin’…would that be nice.

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