Winners of the Happy Holidays Giveaway Announced


Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for your generosity! A $1000 was raised!

And the winners are:

Facing the Atlantic unisex shirt signed by Stephen Moyer – Linda M.
Facing the Atlantic Mermaid Mouse Pad signed by Stephen – Marcia S.
V-Moda Revamp headset – Barbi B., Sheila N., Susan M., Kathy S.
Alexander Skarsgard portrait print by Kristin Bauer – Dina H.
4-packs glass Tru Blood – Cindy H., Cherie B., Constance S., Linda R.
6-packs plastic Tru Blood – Barbara F., Anita T., Misty N., Pat H.
Earrings by Cadsawan – Karen de B.
“Sunlight and Shadows” CD signed by Abri van Straten – Els B.
The Lemmings “Imperceptible Shift in the Light” CD signed by Abri van Straten – Karen vd V.
“I can hear you” CD signed by Chris Pierce – Kristin W., Maria A., Alaitz U., Lizzy M.
“The Donor” signed by Helen FitzGerald – Maddy D.
“Red Revelations” CD signed by Jace Everett – Litscher D.
“Butterfly Rising” signed by Tanya Wright – Anne T.
Zuzana’s angels – Leighda S., Jamie L.
Drawing by AnimaEterna – Zuzana T.
Paintings by Cindy Helmoski – Shirley P., Jane M.

All winners were contacted by email, so check your mailbox to claim your prize!


  1. Thanks, guys! This is so much fun! I’m dying to have friends over to enjoy a few Tru Blood cocktails while we replay Season 4. WooHoo!

  2. Awesome amount raised! Thanks to all who contributed and congratulations to the winners. A big round of applause to Shad and Lynn … to all involved in making this Giveaway happen. You are THE BEST!

    Oneg, what a good idea. I’ll be doing a Season 4 re-watch as well. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the episodes than with a bottle of Tru Blood to hand.

  3. Delighted the monies were raised for such a good cause. Kudos to all that participated.
    I see my name on the list of winners ,thanks so much.

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