Winners announced of the CLARE Foundation Giveaway

claresquareWe are very happy to announce that a total of $395 was raised for the CLARE Foundation with the giveaway we did recently.

Congratulations to all winners! Molly, Beverley, Rowena, Els, Melissa C. and Melissa M.

Everybody has already been contacted by email.


  1. I’m delighted and honored to be a winner.  Thank you, Shad and Lynn, for all that you do for The Vault, the Forum and ASM.  Bless you both.  A big “Congratulations” to my fellow winners.

  2. Thank you, again.  As I shared, you have brought happiness in a time of recovering from a second round of surgeries and such.  I am elated!  Thank you for all your great work with the sites, pages, causes and providing us the opportunity to have some wonderful collectibles from our favorite actors! :D Congratulations to my fellow winners as well and a thank you to everyone that donated.

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