Winner of Stephen Moyer funny pic contest announced

The Winner of Stephen Moyer funny pic contest announced. 

For the past month, we have received numerous entries in our contest to make a funny/creative image about Stephen Moyer or his alter ego Bill Compton. The quality of the images that were sent in is extremely high and it took us a little time to pick the winner of the photo signed by Stephen Moyer.

You can check out all the entries on our Tumblr website.

Congratulations to ……. FILMCHICK !

Unanimously chosen by the jury is her Moyer Measuring System.

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  1. Yeah Filmchick! I’m so happy that you won. So many of your submissions were worthy and this one, in particular, is fantastic! Kudos!

  2. Congratulations Filmchick, well deserved. Your tumbler entries are a source of great amusement. Thank you Shad, Lynn and anyone else for starting the site; I love a good laugh….hum must be why I like a certain person who is very funny.

  3. Thank you! I’m so honored and privileged! Thank you Shad, Lynn and the Billsbabes for inspiration. I had so much fun with the Tumblr submissions and can’t wait to do more.

  4. Congratulations! Not only was it a clever idea but included in the concept are six great pictures to remind us of those lovely interviews.

  5. Congratulations Filmchick. Your winning entry is just one of many I think are winners. Enjoy your prize.

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