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We have two more Giveaways for you before True Blood Season 6 begins.  This time, we are giving away a total of six (6) copies of the book titled, “If you Like True Blood” by Dave Thompson. This book is just one in a popular series by Thompson where he has written about such topics as Monty Python, The Beatles, Les Zeppelin, and The Sopranos. His latest, takes on True Blood. Dave is quoted as nursing a secret vein of gothic fascination and has amassed a vast library of vampire-related books and movies, which are kept in a suitably dark room.

If You Like True Blood . . . is a popular history of vampires in classical and popular culture, by an author who has been reading and watching such things since high school, and who seriously believes The Hunger is one of the best things David Bowie has ever done. With chapters embracing silent movies and modern erotica, mist-shrouded myth, and Gothic rock, If You Like True Blood . . . transports the reader from the moss-drenched wilds of Louisiana to the mountain haunts of Transylvania, via introductions to some of history and literature’s most accomplished bloodsuckers. More than 200 new-to-you stories, movies, adventures, and eccentricities are staked out in the sunlight. Exclusive interview material stirs fresh plasma into the pot, and selections from the authors own collection of vampirabilia are among the many illustrations. Anne Rice, Peter Cushing, Sookie Stackhouse, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Marvel Comics, Bram Stokers Draculaall flit not-so-silently through these pages; Vlad the Impaler, the Countess Bathory, Mina Harker, and Roman Polanski, too. In addition, authoritative appendices offer up a guide to best movie, TV, and literary vampires out there. If You Like True Blood . . . may not grant you eternal life, but it knows plenty of people who can.

“If you Like True Blood . . .” by Dave Thompson, $16.99 offers all kinds of suggestions for the Sookie Stackhouse fan for reading and viewing. From Anne Rice, Doctor Who, Alice Cooper and the Addams Family enter other worlds of the undead. More than 200 stories, movies and eccentricities are staked out for your pleasure.

So, how can you get your hands on this book?  Once again, it’s “easy peasy”!  All you have to do is answer this question below:


What fascinates you about vampires?


Post your answer in the comments under this post. And, remember “Creativity Counts!”

How To Enter the Giveaway
  • Time-frame: Saturday, June 1 to Thurdsay, June 6 (Pacific Time) 12 noon.
  • Prize: Book: If You Like True Blood, by Dave Thompson
  • Question: Tell us what fascinates you about vampires?
  • Answers: Post your answer in the comments below BEFORE 12 noon (Pacific time) on June 6; after this time comments will be closed on this post.
  • Announcement of the winner: Shadaliza and Lynnpd will review all the comments and pick out the six who have given the best replies to the question.
  • Notification: We will notify the winner via email, so be sure to leave a your email address, and then, the publishers will be sent your address and they will mail you your prize. We will also post the information here on The Vault with the results announcing you to the world.
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  1. I think the thing that fascinates me the most about vampires is that they are unpredictable and things have endless possibilities because of their immortality. Their alluring nature is what draws you to them.. so I guess sex appeal is also in the mix of things that fascinate me: )

  2. Vampires are fascinating because they never age or become ill which means eternal youth (in most cases) and no illness for ever and ever. They have powers unimaginable to humans and don’t have to live by their rules.

  3. Vampires are fascinating and almost hypnotic because of their freedom to live forever! So many decisions in life are based upon consequences and fear. If there was no fear of death and unlimited time on Earth to experience anything and everything…wow it would be FANGTASTIC. The possibilities are endless

  4. I’m fascinated because Vampires are sexy and the thought of living forever and never aging is both appealing and exhilarating – who wants to age and face everything that goes along with it.

  5. What fascinates me about vampires?  the vampire is a story/myth/legend as old as written history. It is found even in Native American cultures, South American cultures, all thru African stories, there is always some story about a form of a night walker or blood sucker or “life force” stealer. they are called by different names but history has always had some sort of an eternal, immortal and feared being that stays alive by stealing from the living. Immortality is a fascinating idea and makes me wonder if it is truly as exciting or wonderful as most stories make it seem. Vampires in our culture seem to be so strong, never sick, able to heal others, makes others like them, it’s an idea for dreams and with it comes true escapism from reality. I have loved vampire stories since the actors Christopher Lee, Brad Pitt, THE HUNGER (which i loved!) and others made the Vampire truly scary strong and yet immortal. To stop the aging and overcome Time is such great fantasy it is always a good story. I too wish I could be young, beautiful, strong and live forever just like all humans do deep down inside. It would be hard to watch all you love grow old, change and die. The price for the fantasy is high, but for wishful thinking it is simply the best story ever for humans to dream of. That’s why it fascinates me and nearly everyone who hears it. Immortal Youth, Strength, freedom from sickness and worry.  This book sounds like an awesome collection of these stories and I really want to read it!

  6. What fascinates me about vampires?  Vampires are creatures who have the advantage over humans.  Humans are touted as being the highest level on the food chain.  Humans have made the earth their playground.  They have harnessed energy, they have developed awe-inspiring weaponry,  they have dominion over the animal and plant kingdoms, using them for sources of food, drugs, shelter, labor, and more.   Humans appear to have it all.  But vampires have it over humans.  They have immortality.  That is something humans cannot achieve, and yet long for.  Vampires don’t fear the consequences of their actions.   They are forever young, forever strong, actually increasing in strength with age.  They are portrayed as highly sexual, with knowledge and prowess improving over time, but without any decrease in drive or energy.   Vampires use human blood to survive, and that concept represents poetic justice of a kind.  With the havoc humans have wreaked on this planet, it only seems fair that their blood is the  price exacted by the only beings superior to them.  Besides all the reasons already stated, vampires are fascinating because they live a mysterious, ethereal existence.  Now you see them, now you don’t.  They hide in plain sight, and they hide out of sight.  Their morality is not ours, yet it is more honest than ours.  There are no excuses needed, and none given.  They are just so cool!

  7. Question:  What fascinates you about vampires?
    My Answer:   “I love the mystery surrounding them, and the fact that they are immortal beings who can walk only in the night. Moon and stars illumine their way.  There is something romantic and alluring about these night creatures.  Their predatory nature, heightened senses, speed and strength alternately fascinate and repel me.  If a vampire were to walk my way and call to me in a haunting, seductive voice … and if he was the epitome of elegance, grace and old world charm, I would succumb.  If he looked like Bill Compton, well, that would be the icing on the supernatural cake.

  8. What fascinates me about vampires is their pale skin. Of course you can not without their strength, their speed, their sex appeal, …
    What they have achieved is that nowadays you do not need a tanned skin to be sexy.

  9. I have been fascinated with Vampires when I first saw Bill Compton walk into Merlotte’s. He has a mysterious air about him, Bill epitomizes Southern Old World charm, and oozes sex appeal, especially his sideburns, very Elvis like! Vampires are dangerously dark, strong, can live forever, their justice is swift, and sex is fantastic, what’s not to love. Were it not for that very first scene played brilliantly by Stephen Moyer True Blood would be just another show to me. Because of Vampire Bill, I am now completely and obsessively hooked on Vampire Bill and the other Vamps in Bon Temps!

  10. Fascination about vampires? Shakesperean tragedy…. nothing like a tragedy to focus the mind! Even if they are powerful, mind readers, smart, sexy, rich, immortal – on the other hand vampires have to cope the same disasters we all do. Or do you kow a single vampire ruling the world?
    Let´s have a look at Bill Compton: at the time when we get him to know he´s far away from the top of the foodchain (hierarchy!), silvered by drug addicts, messes his big love (*sigh*), a single father not by choice, vulnerable at daylight amidst the dangers to be staked to real death by some crazy racists. I love to watch him (thanks to Stephen!!!) fight the increasing mess with fang and nail (and indeed a little touch *ggg* of sex)……….. go on Bill, give us hope to survive, time to walk the big shots and rule bon Temps… Louisiana… the world ;-)!  V–V

  11. The Vampire is a part of international literary tradition. The character transfers well into the modern media because the struggle between good and evil is universally appealing. While we understand the good guy should win we do love those bad boys.

  12. vampires facinates me because they were human first before they changed to the dark side. besides vampires feed diferently than us by having a bloody liquid diet. but the only thing vampires do have the same in is our humanity.

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