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The Barrens


In collaboration with Anchor Bay we are GIVING AWAY 10 DVDs OF THE BARRENS.

This giveaway is for USA and Canada residents only.

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Participating in the raffle is easy, you can gain raffle entries in the follow ways:

– Leave a comment under the raffle post on The Vault and telling why are you looking forward to see The Barrens. (3 raffle entries)

– Become a fan of AllStephenMoyer on Facebook, if you are already a fan you also get the entries (2 raffle entries)

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The raffle starts on September 24 at midnight EST and ends on October 4 at midnight EST.

The 10 winners will be drawn randomly from the eligible entries.

This giveaway is for USA and Canada residents only.

(Because Anchor Bay is the distributor for USA and Canada and is not permitted to send the DVDs overseas.)


  1. This movie looks amazing! The story sounds incredibly intriguing and who doesn’t love Stephen? Plus, written and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman? Can’t go wrong.

  2. I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time.  The trailer is….amazing.   Stephen is….scary and mesmerizing ..I love him in every role he plays. 

  3. Thank you, Shad, Lynn and Anchor Bay, for making this DVD giveaway possible.  I am intrigued by the story, and look forward to seeing how the Jersey Devil legend impacts the lives of this family.  Stephen plays scary so very well, and I can’t wait to see how his character disintegrates and slides into madness.  He will rock the role … no doubt about it.

  4. Stephen Moyer is amazing and he plays ‘mad’ so well! The way he uses his eyes and expressions is mesmerizing and in a psychological thriller like this one he will be killer!! Can not wait to see this!

  5. I really want to see this film.  Stephen will have us on the edge of our seats as we watch him become unglued.
    I’m thinking this film is the perfect treat for Halloween.

  6. From the From the trailer, Stephen reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It would be a great Halloween treat to share with my Stephen fan friends!

  7. As a devoted fan of Stephen Moyer, and as someone who is easily scared silly by horror movies, I think this is the perfect film for me.  I’ll be sighing and swooning  for Stephen, and hiding my eyes and screaming at the movie!!

  8. Barrens sounds like such a  good movie. And of course, Stephen Moyer is such a good actor. He’s been scary in True Blood but in Barrens, he’s terrifying, from what I hear. Popcorn and Dr. Pepper, a dark room, and Barrens. Sounds like heaven.

  9. I want to see the Barrens because Stephen gets to use his real Briitish accent, that shirt and he plays slightly unhinged so very well:))

  10. I’m looking forward to the Barrens to see the awesome Stephen Moyer of course. I also love a good scare and went to where they were filming twice. The first time we saw Stephen’s empty trailer while he was taking a break in London and a guy with a bloody head lying on the ground and texting on his phone between takes. The second time we saw Stephen himself so seeing this movie will bring back those great memories. Except for the flat tire which was not so great but pretty funny!

  11. Thanks for giving us fans a chance to win The Barrens. I’m looking forward to seeing Stephen in this, and I love a good movie about a cool monster legend. The trailer looks great and it’s a perfect movie for this upcoming Halloween season.

  12. Only Stephen in this role could entice me to watch this type of movie. Looking forward to seeing his characters desent into madness, something I ‘m sure he’ll play to perfection.

  13. Well what could i say why i`m looking forward to it? The problem is i could say so many reasons but my english skills aren`t that good so i have to make it short :) I really love scary movies all along and with the wonderful Stephen in it that would be like a lottery win for me!!! Stephen  and the pleasant anticipation for The Barrens is the reason why i was torturing myself with  writing the longest message here i ever have :D Thanks for the oppurtunity!!

  14. I am really looking forrward to The Barrens because I am a passionate, devoted Stephen Moyer fan and Stephen will be the STAR of The Barrens.  I look forward to watching his amazing acting from the start to the finish of this exciting thriller.  I have been a fan since the first time I saw him on True Blood in the very first episode 4 years ago.  I have been hooked on Stephen Moyer.  I collect his movies and I follow All Stephen Moyer for the very latest Stephen Moyer news both on Facebook and on Twitter.  I have met fans from all over the world and we are all very excited for Stephen’s new movie, The Barrens! 

  15. I am so excited for the Barrens one I am a huge fan of Darren not only as a director but as an artist working hard on his dreams and goals. Also he is the nicest person to his fans. And I have been a huge fan of true blood and the whole gang since I got to meet them when true blood dirt premiered at comic-con 2008. I am so in awe and excited for this newest adventure.

  16. I can’t wait to see The Barrens because Darren Lynn Bousman is not only the most talented director of our generation but he also can create the most perfect mistures of Horror and Drama. This movie has so much potencial and I just can’t see it other than in a DVD because I live in Brazil. Therefore, I think all fans should be granted the same chances to support (and fangirl) their favourite artist’s work.

  17. Watching Stephen in Trueblood and seeing how varied and intense his acting is and having seen him in other movies that are on the same line, (Restraint) I can’t wait until The Barrens comes out on DVD. He is one of the few actors out there that can do just about any kind of role andnot only make it his own but makes the character he is playing believable. He is really gifted.

  18. Who wouldn’t want a free copy? I used to live in Jersey and I remember the scary stories about the New Jersey Devil! SM will rock the screen playing this story, I can’t wait!!!!

  19. I can’t wait to see the film.  Stephen does horror so well.  I may have my hand over my eyes for some or most of the movie, but with Steve being the main character I look forward to watching  my favorite actor in the entire film. 

  20. I am so excited to see this. The combination of Darren Bousman and Stephen Moyer is a dream match made in Heaven.. or Hell, depending on how you look at it.

  21. I am excited for this movie!  Darren Bousman is an amzing man and Stephen Moyer is more than amazing.  I run the Utah Scalpel SL,UT’s shadowcast for Repo! the Genetic Opera.  I completely adore True Blood.  What a great mix of talent.

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