Will “The Gifted” be part of Comic Con San Diego 2017?

Based on what we’ve read, it looks like Fox’s The Gifted just might be a Comic Con next month in San Diego, California. 

Next month is the time that Comic Con 2017 takes over San Diego. We’ve been wondering if Stephen Moyer’s new show, THE GIFTED would take part. Since the show is expected to premiere in the Fall on FOX, it sure makes sense to us that they will be attend in order to promote. And, it seems we’re not the only ones to think this, see below. 

According to sdccblog.com it’s very possible that Stephen Moyer’s new Fox series, The Gifted will be a part of Comic Con.  We are NOT saying they will be there, but it sure looks like it is a big possibility.

Read the excerpt below from an article about FOX at Comic Con which was posted in May:

In our opinion, FOX could have the most interesting Comic-Con schedule this year.

Yes, FOX will still dominate Saturday Ballroom 20 with back-to-back-to-back animated series, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad! (which technically airs on another network these days, but it’s our blog, and we’ll do what we want! We’re mad with power!), and Bob’s Burgers. Yes, Lucifer, Gotham, and The Exorcist will all be heavily featured as well. Yes, Last Man on Earth is very likely to be somewhere in that mix tool.

But of every network on this list, we’re most excited about FOX’s upcoming series. First, and essentially a lock to appear at the convention, there’s the Marvel series The Gifted, about two parents (who just happen to be played by the very genre-friendly Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer) who must protect their children from the government when they discover they possess mutant powers. This is going to get a big push at San Diego — and we’re seriously rooting for this Mutant Testing Station from Upfronts to make its way to being an offsite at the con.

They also predict that the new series Midnight Texas from writer Charlaine Harris (author of the True Blood books) might also attend.   Read more below:

Midnight, Texas has a very good chance of being the main attraction (perhaps literally) over at Tin Fish this year. The series — which is based on True Blood‘s Charlaine Harris’ novels — about a town where everyone’s just a little bit different. It was plastered all over this year’s WonderCon, including on the badge designs, so a heavy push at San Diego definitely makes sense (and what’s more, the pilot at least is a lot of fun!).


  1. Thanks for the post. Sounds very promising for an appearance by The Gifted at CC. Makes good sense to me. I did not know about Charlaine Harris’s Midnight Texas.

    Thanks for providing. It certainly sounds promising that The Gifted will be at CC. Makes good sense. This is the first I’ve read about Charlaine Harris’s Midnight Texas. I plan on checking that one out.

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