Will Bill and Sookie rekindle their love in the final season?

Will Bill and Sookie get back together before the final season is over?

“They might,” teased executive producer Brian Buckner at the Comic Con panel. “They’re in each other’s spheres, for sure. At the end of the day, it’s a television show, right? This show worked because of the chemistry they shared. … I certainly felt, going into [the final season], that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie.”

In the special preview video shown at the panel yesterday Bill and Sookie were sharing a passionate kiss…. is it a dream …. is it reality…. is it goodbye?


Fans have also been wondering about the flashbacks this season. Buckner said it’s all about helping the characters find themselves again. “With Bill, we got a character who we turned into a vampire god, and he wasn’t that nice,” Buckner explained. “The thinking there was, as Bill tries to find his way back to himself, let’s give him a little help by flashing back to his human life.”

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  1. no i dont think they do get back to gether its just the feeling and watching so yeah i dont think they do

  2. I hate to see True Blood go. I have enjoyed both the books and I’ve bought every DVD. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. I will have to wait until May or June to see the last season because I don’t have HBO. What a wonderful cast.

  3. I also read the books and I love it too Donna! But this show is real things even though most episodes in each season hardly following the books except the first season but I still love it! Not to be spoiler Donna, this last season started out kind of slow but each episode is getting better and better! For the love of Bill and Sookie and he is her first love, in the end I’m truly hope Bill and Sookie get back together…I’ll be so sad if they not !!! :-)

  4. This final season is anything but a waste of time. It’s been exciting and I for one, am open to how it will be. If you have any expectations, then yes, you will be disappointed. Embrace!

  5. Here’s hoping they find their way back to one another.  But there’s that devastating Hep V, and other issues between them  However, anything’s possible on True Blood, and I’m holding out hope for them.  Please!!!

  6. I so hope they really get back together and Bill turns Sookie and they live happily ever after guess where I live grin

  7. Yea i think they killing off all vamps i mean bill and eric dying. Come on i hope they find a cure…watch it be sookies blood that is the cure hahahah….i so wanted her to be with eric…in real life though bill and ana are the perfect cutest couple

  8. 1st choice: Sookie with Bill; close 2nd choice: Sookie with Eric; the choice i don’t want to see but am getting worried they may do: Sookie with Sam–no no no no.

  9. They have had one hurdle after another but the love between them refuses to die.  Anything is possible on TB.

  10. Aw…eric n sookie tho in that pic nice Emma Cassidy
    I rather pick Eric with sookie!there cute couple n also eric in love with sookie no matter what!

  11. this makes my heart beat a mile a minute. Its been too long since we saw these soul mates share a deep kiss. no one kisses the way they do. more pleeze.

  12. but bill was able to find himself again after the Lillith drug caused him to behave that way. bill put his life on the line to save sookie from warlo. sookie needs to again see bill for the great loving man he is.

  13. He didn’t save her from warlo he told her to marry him he encouraged her and he told her that she was dead to him

  14. hope bill turns sookie so they can be together forever she deserves to be with someone after they have taken alcide away an hope they put Jason with Jessica an sam leaves town with his babys mama an get rid of that femal vampire that’s with Jason shes to werd for Jason an give Lafayette someone an herd they are killing off andy an Arlene an andys girl an herd that that the sister eric an pam found attacks her sister an eric an pam get saved just in time an they find a cure for the vamp thing

  15. It’s a reality they are meant for one another  sookie gets back with the love of her life Bill  they will never stop being in love with one another I was Piss when sookie was put with Eric .Team Bookie forever   <3

  16. I do agree with you on this that’s the way I want it to also end with Bill and sookie back together again

  17. Sookie ends up with Bill I ready it Alexander already said there no sookie n Eric romance this final season n I’m happy Bill is the only guy for sookie n I read he doesn’t die

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