Will Bill and Sookie end up together at True Blood’s end?

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were interviewed by MTV, in the video below, at the True Blood Season 7 premiere, and were asked how their characters would be going out.

“I think that by the end, regardless of who she ends up with, she has accepted who she is and what she wants to be, in whatever form that ends up being,” Paquin said. “It’s not actually specifically [about] who she ends up with. I think that’s ultimately where we kind of leave her.”

Bill ended last season losing all the superpowers he got when he drank Warlow’s blood. So that means no more visions, and no more super-duper strength, which has to be hard for anyone to reconcile, much less a centuries-old vampire. How’s he dealing with all that?

“He is rethinking everything that has happened to him over these years, since he came to Bon Temps,” Moyer said. “I think he feels like he’s got some wrongs to right, and some mistakes that he made need to be corrected.”

Is one of those mistakes losing Sookie?

Will theBill and Sookie live happily ever after, or will Bill meet the True Death by season’s end?

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source: mtv.com


  1. my bet is that sookie gets rid of her fae powers using the ball of light then the blood in bill will die out like it did with Warlow curing him of hep v and making sookie a human and bill will turn her

  2. From what Anna says it sounds like Sookie will be comfortable in her own skin, and content with where she is in her life.  I hope Bill has the opportunity to correct the mistakes he believes he’s made.  I would love them to end up together, but I just don’t know.  If we get a strong sense that they will end up together, but it isn’t spelled out, I’ll be very okay with that.

  3. No !!! Erik and sookie !!! I’m soo tired of seeing bill naked and sookie show me some sexy Erik !!!!! He’ll is rather see Jason again.

  4. I like Bill they were great in the beginning but Eric proved to love Sookie more. He saved her many times, he renovated her house, helped her in financial troubles and told her he cares for her. He would never hurt her. He has never cared for no one in 1000 yrs besides his maker so for Eric Sookie is his first love. I say Eric and Sookie ♡

  5. Sincerely Bill asked “Who are you”?…loved this scene got me hooked on TB big time lol. Love how Bill looked at Sookie like he telling her “Forever you are mine”! With high hills up and down, Sookie and Bill finally reunited…hope this unite will last forever!!!!

  6. what a totally predictable let down. So, she gets her BF killed, cuz she was a dumb ass, then hops back into bed w/ her ex, like a day or 2 later? Classy! Wish the writers had some imagination, just cuz they are together for real doesn’t mean they have to put them together…oh maybe they did.

  7. I think what is happening with Bill is he does not have reason to keep existence in the world since all he love is gone and is time to be back with first love and kids. He is not fighting to be cure ,but now the Sookie is back with him and feeling her love will bring him back to keep fight for existence and have the love and happiness it was taken away from him. I know the every story can end be all happy for ever , but this is a different story with all the the people there are not 100% humans ,so it does have the right to be different some not end happy but the reason and center of “True Blood ” has been Sookie and Bill why they can be the only ones they be happy for eternity !

  8. Bill deeply loved is wife back in the 1800, he keeps remember her . Éric trully loves Sookie. He ran to her when was spellbound.

  9. Eric and Sookie shared some special moments and will always have feelings for each other, but the one Sookie really loves is Bill… she pretty much admitted that last week. Bill loved his wife, but love isn’t finite, he loves Sookie just as much if not more than Caroline. Bill & Sookie are meant to be together, that’s what every season has pointed at.

  10. They now have twins but of course vampires are supposed to be internal and Bill Compton and the other vampires are aging that’s why it’s over but I’m going to get it on DVD all 7 seasons so I’ll have it all the time some awesome television like The Walking Dead that a little bit more easier and sexual which is awesome

  11. Sorry Eric fans. He is NOT the one for her and never will be. Bill has loved and watched over her for a long time. Eric has done way worse to her than Bill ever has.
    BTW, he bought her house so he could have her…nothing more.

  12. i think sex scenes between bill and sookie are much more erotic as between sookie and eric thats a fact

  13. yes .. that would be Awesome … they belong together ! I dont know what show some have been watching but Eric , nor Alcide shared the Love that Bill and Sookie had !

  14. they’ll get Sara’ s blood and cure Eric & Bill…Sookie needs her heritage….what’ the deal with TARA? I love this show…they must leave the main characters…please in case of a come back.

  15. I would like to see bill and sookie end up together fans do like a good ending it can all happen in the other seasons but if this is the last make us happy ….

  16. I think the fact that bill and sookie slept together like they did in season 1 was a hint that it was like a goodbye screw….where can they go from there ? I think bill is gonna die and sookie will end up alone…or maybe not alone but I think that fact they slept together means he is gonna die….

  17. Aline Dimas Olha uma das primeiras cenas do Bill e a Sookie .. Da serie True Blood que eu te falei. :D Massa

  18. Not according to hbo behind scenes they said he finished filming before everyone else…..either way idc its just a show…..bill was bad ass with lilith blood now not so much lol maybe thats why its speeding up process from her blood not sookie…….im an eric fan any how …dont get me wrong i do love bill. Hahah they need him to say sookie in that voice one more time before the end of show

  19. I hope Bill and Sookie end up together but this being TB I think we are seeing the together now in ep. 7.07 and there will be a different end for my favorite couple. All the Bill flashbacks have to have some significance and I fear Bill might yearn to reunite with his human family especially now in the delirium of HepV. I hope Sookies love and the blood of Noomi-Sarah will save him.

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