Wil Wheaton’s “If True Blood was an 80’s show”

Wow, True Blood is truly famous if Wil Wheaton creates a fun video about it. The video is a parody of 80’s shows spoofing True Blood by making it into “Cheers.”

Screenshot 2014-07-09 12.35.39Read what they have to say and watch the video below from the “Wil Wheaton Project.”

Turns out that we at the Wil Wheaton Project really love our silly TV Theme songs. This week, we wondered what it would be like if Sam’s bar on True Blood, where everybody knows your name, was featured in an 80s sitcom … you know, sort of like another Sam’s bar where everybody knows your name.

See the video below

Here are a few screenshots from the video:

source: YouTube.com


  1. The only thing I didn’t like, was after he said “Fairies” he said “and telepathic blonds”.. I feel like that is the same thing because Sookie can only read minds because she is part Fairy…

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