Who is this cute little toddler?

toddler Steve

Who is the toddler photographed in this image? Yes, this is our very own baby vamp, Stephen Moyer.

We are proud to present to you a biography page here on AllSteve devoted to his life to date that includes photos from his childhood and early years.

We hope you get as much enjoyment reading it as we did preparing it for you.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Moyer
Thanks to Amanda Emery for her factual contributions and help.

Click here to enter to the Stephen Moyer Biography page.


  1. Wonderful addition! Thank you Lynn, Shad, Steve and Amanda….also thanks to Dorothea for the proof reading! Great work done by all!

  2. Aww, what a cutie. I immediately zipped over to the bio page, devoured Stephen’s bio and posted there.

    Thanks to all our wonderful enablers for your devotion and inspired work.

  3. Well, of course he was an adorable kid. If he went through an awkward stage, we haven’t seen any evidence of it yet. Thanks so, so much for all the hard work that went into compiling this. After reading it, naturally I want more. For instance, I’d love to hear some stories from the infamous “purple houseboat” days.
    But this will tide me over for awhile.

  4. That picture is the most adorable thing ever!! OMG, I haven’t even read the bio yet and I love it. Such a cutie-pie.

  5. Thank you to the Moyer/Emery Family for sharing these life details and photos and to Lynn for weaving it all together so nicely. As a musician, this is the sort of stuff that has always interested me: how an artist gets his start, what inspires him to follow the path and so on. From tot to teen, you can see Stephen’s spirit and spark. Another great addition to this excellent site, Shad.

  6. A big thank-you to Stephen and Amanda for providing the info and pics, and for Lynn (and Shad’s) hard work.

  7. I love those chubby cheeks, from when he was encouraged to eat carbs.

    Thank you to all for the bio page. I loved the pictures and the programme showing the director’s credit. I think you struck the right balance between giving us appropriate background info and getting too personal.

  8. Thanks to Amanda for providing the lovely pictures and to Lynn for all the work she put into compiling and writing this, and as always, to Shad for her support of the endeavor. I’m sure this will be a go-to article for anyone public or press, who wants to get the straight story on Stephen. Well done!

  9. Thank you for such a great article LYNN, I know it was a labor of love. Thank you to Amanda for the lovely pictures, Stephen for taking time out of his busy schedule, and again, SHAD, for the wonderful sites you have given us. Also want to thank LISM for her wonderful proof reading, I know how hard it was for you – LOL!!!

  10. Who knew that cute toddler would one day set hearts (and other body parts) a flutter! Thank-you Mr. Moyer for allowing us a peek into your youth & for the time-line of your professional career. Great job proof reading LISM. Thanks Amanda for your help too & thanks ofcourse to Lynn for pulling everything together.


  12. Wonderful addition to this site. Thank you Stephen and Amanda for providing these beautiful pictures for his fans to enjoy!

  13. How adorable is that picture? I can see a resemblance between Stephen and his daughter. Thank you Lynn and Shad for another fine adventure into Stephen’s world. A great big hug and thanks to Stephen and Amanda for graciously providing the pictures and info for us Babes.

  14. This is just fantastic!! Thank you to the most beautiful man on the planet and to Amanda and to Lynn for all your hard work! Love you, Stephen!!

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