What’s Stephen Moyer filming now?

Well, if you have been watching Twitter and Instagram, you will know that Stephen Moyer has been shooting something in Los Angeles for the past two weeks. We don’t know much about it other than what we can speculate, but from all the Instagram photos and tweets, we’re guessing that its a film called “Juveniles.”

See the photos and tweets below.

First we saw a tweet from Stephen where he posted a photo with his friend Martin Henderson who was also in Stephen’s film, “Devil’s Knot” where he played the part of Brent Davis.

steveand martinhenderson

Then, Kathleen Perkins (who is currently in the tv show, “Episodes) posted this to her Twitter account ‏@KathleenPerkins on January 23.  She wrote:
This is what I would look like 15 years younger, with long hair, and beat up. On set of #Juveniles the… http://instagram.com/p/yNYpGGCpRU/


Here’s the picture of the crew call sheet that was posted by @jmacdakid. It doesn’t give much info, but it looks like the film will be in production for approx. 17 days.


Then, Kathleen Perkins ‏@KathleenPerkins tweeted this yesterday: Driving to set with the cast of #Juveniles stephenmoyer @martinhenders15 http://instagram.com/p/ycgycTipbC/

Screenshot 2015-01-31 09.04.11

And, finally, last night there’s this:

@KathleenPerkins  – I snapped a pic of a bloody stephenmoyer before he snapped his. On set of #Juveniles the movie. http://instagram.com/p/yftMlAipch/


Because Steve is all bloody in the photo above, we’re wondering if he dies in the film or if he is a “bad guy.”  We’re guessing he isn’t a vampire in this film, Ha! However, since there’s no information about this project that we can find anywhere, we’ll just have to wait to see what it’s all about.

Stay tuned fans!


  1. Excellent sleuthing work, my dears! I’m intrigued by this and all of Stephen’s current projects. I hope that means we’ll see lots of him on screen and soon.

  2. Stephen Moyer is one sexy man all around exspecially in true blood he made my heart throb the whole time glad him and Anna are married they make a amazing couple you are one lucky lady Anna(Sookie) I love that name

  3. Thanks for the pics and info to date.  We’ll await further developments.  Stephen may be bloodied up a bit, but he’s still beautiful.

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated.  I’ve been really curious about this ever since Steve tweeted the photo of  himself and Martin.  Steve doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet!  Isn’t he supposed to direct both Anna and Denis O’Hare in separate projects this year?  Plus, he’s supposed to be developing shows for HBO.  Steve being so busy is great news for his fans, yay!

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