What’s Stephen Moyer been up to since lockdown?

Stephen Moyer haircolor

What’s Stephen Moyer been up to since lockdown? Well, we have a summary of some of the things he’s been doing since lockdown began here in California.

The Corona-19 Virus has taken its toll all over the world at an amazing speed and it has been merciless. Back at the end of March, most of the USA went into lockdown after most of the world was already there.

Shadaliza, our co-admin here at ASM, lives in Italy and they were in lockdown way before the USA.  Lynnpd who lives way on the other side of the world in California, USA didn’t have to go into lockdown until almost 100,000 people had contracted this crazy and lethal disease here. However, this illness is still with us and, although lockdown restrictions are now being eased, we’re still on alert and careful to wear our masks and keep a distance, even to those we love.

I ask myself, what has our favorite actor, Stephen Moyer been doing during this crazy time of quarantine.  Well, we have some photos to share, all in one place, so you will know what Steve’s been up to during this pandemic.

Early on, it was apparent that Anna and Steve were not at their home in California anymore, but instead, were residing in a remote location with lots of blue skies. We’re not sure where this is, (but we have some guesses) although, we won’t share them here.

So, here’s the answer to our question of “What’s Stephen Moyer been up to since lockdown?” Below are some photos and videos that show, all in one place, what has happened that has been shared online from Steve or Anna. Yikes, this just shows what confinement can do for ya!  Are you having this much fun?

Below are some of the postings that Steve and Anna have shared on their social media accounts during this time.

The family seems to be somewhere other than their LA residence and we’re not sure where they are, but “is that a palm tree I see in the background of the first video below.  They seem to be staying possibly somewhere in California which is more remote.  Below are some indications of what Anna and Steve have been up to in the last couple of weeks:

Steve as “hunter-gatherer! Steve as “hunter-gatherer!

This is what happens when you’re hiding away during a pandemic, the ultimate color and cut by his lovely beautician, Anna Paquin!

After the color, Anna cuts
Steve’s hair short
Donning his new hairdo, Steve
grabs Dave for a weigh-in!
The Ultimate dance routine which is a replica of @joetracini1  jazz routine… Stephen learned the choreography after homeschooling one day. Love the outfit Steve!

It sure looks like the family is having a lot of fun and a lovely time during the lockdown.  Let’s hope they all stay healthy and safe.

As more comes to light of what they’re doing while hunkered down, we’ll be sure to post about it.

sources: Stephen Moyer on Instagram, Anna Paquin on Instagram.

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