What’s Up Next for The Bastard Executioner?

Betrayal. Battles. Blood. Get new insights in what has been happening on The Bastard Executioner with this recap of the sixth episode of The Bastard Executioner. Sorry fans, no Stephen Moyer in this particular video, but it does provide a summary of things that have happened foreshadowing what is to come.

I’m wondering more and more about the “seraphin” story line and expect to get more info in the upcoming episodes. Are you getting excited?


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  1. Thanks for providing. I’m excited about: how Lady Love will solve her “with heir” dilemma, and looking for Wilkin to do the deed; also what The Wolf will bring to the story now that we know he and Lady Love are half siblings; also, what chaos Wilkin’s crazy wife will cause; and how Gaveston will play into the Ventrishire heir story as it unfolds. I have no interest in the seraphim (or “phin” … not sure which) storyline. The whole mysticism “thing” leaves me cold.

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