What is the #22PushupChallenge?

Stephen Moyer was invited to join the 22 Pushup Challenge by Kurt Sutter, director of The Bastard Executioner. Steve has been doing his 22 push ups a day faithfully, passing on the challenge to his friends. Watch all Stephen’s pushup videos here: https://www.allstephenmoyer.com/tag/22pushupchallenge

But what is the 22 Pushup Challenge and why are so many people around the world getting down and doing 22?


The 22 Pushup Challenge was started by the veteran empowerment group Honor Courage Commitment. The group’s 22KILL movement works to build a community of support for veterans and raise awareness for mental health challenges they face. Many service men and women suffer from PTSD and an average of 22 (ex) military commit suicide every day (!).

If you join in the challenge you have to do 22 pushups every day for 22 days, shoot a video and put it on your social media, and pass on the challenge to a friend who will also pass it on to 22 friends.

Though the project has been around for a few months, there’s no doubt that a recent round of celebrity contributions has turned the cause into a full-blown phenomenon. The ultimate goal of the project is to reach 22 million pushups.

Support and donate

Join in the challenge or make a donation in support at the 22kill.com website.
To support UK service men and women donate £5 to Combat Stress by texting PTSD22 to 70004.




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