What’s the book on Stephen Moyer’s nightstand?

Besides reading scripts, Stephen is also an avid book reader. What book does he have on his nightstand now? And where is that nightstand?

At the moment Stephen is staying in a hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the premiere of his latest movie The Caller will take place today. His days will be filled with press and interviews, but in his few free moments Stephen picks up The Donor written by Helen FitzGerald.

Stephen Moyer's Nightstand

A random choice? Not really. FitzGerald is the wife of  Sergio Casci who wrote the screenplay for The Caller and since they are all stuck together in the San Juan hotel due to hurricane Irene, Sergio passed Stephen the book to read. Candlelight reading probably, unless the hotel has a good generator since there is a power outage at the moment.

The Donor, FitzGerald’s 5th adult novel, tells the story of Will, a single father with 16-year-old twin daughters. One daughter suffers kidney failure and Will is a match, he could donate his kidney to save her life. But then his second daughter also falls ill. Time is critical, and Will has to make a decision. Should he buy a kidney – be an organ tourist? Should he save one child? If so, which one? Should he sacrifice himself? Or is there a fourth solution – one so terrible it has never even crossed his mind?

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  1. Glad to know Stephen has a good book to read, especially since there’s not much else to do with the power being out. I’m just glad everyone is safe.

  2. I hope power is restored quickly. I’ve done the whole reading by candlelight thing. It always helps to have a good book to hand, and this one sounds like a winner.

  3. As a father with 2 children, one could imagine how he be drawn to such a story, of making a “Sophie’s Choice.” Hope to see some pics and vids soon.

  4. oh. so sorry about the visit from irene. please keep her right there with you! i dont think we really want her here! emjoy your reading. sounds like a great book.

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