Wedding bands show Anna and Stephen’s love is “magical”

It’s certainly apparent that the wedding bands worn by Anna and Stephen’s show their love is “magical.”

Yesterday, we posted photos of Anna Paquin in Malibu and of Stephen Moyer in Venice. Both seem to be having fun and very happy since their marriage of last Saturday. It’s good to see them taking a few moments to enjoy some well-deserved rest from their busy lifestyles. That rest will be short-lived however since both will be presenting at the Emmy’s this Sunday.

Anna and Stephen asked long-time friend and jeweler, Cathy Waterman, to custom-design the platinum bands, using Paquin’s rough-cut antique diamond engagement ring by the designer as the inspiration. “I have been friends with Stephen forever. Watching him fall in love with Anna was magical. He lights up around her…and she glows when he is around,” Waterman told InStyle exclusively. “He put such thought and care into the ring that he proposed with…hours looking into stones, looking for the reflection that said ‘Anna.’ And he nailed it. I handmade their wedding bands, and seeing them as they walked down the aisle—I knew they were just right.”

Below is a composite photo, from their recent outings, that includes a close up of their wedding bands.

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  1. I want to congratulate Stephen and Anna on their marriage. I truly think they are the cutest couple
    . I would love to see a picture of them in their wedding clothes. Will that ever be possible?

    I know it has been kept very private, as it should be. Let them enjoy their special moment without all the media attack.

    Congratulations again Stephen and Anna. I wish you many years of happiness. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    I’m looking forward to one if you in your tux and beautiful wedding dress.


  2. Many thanks to Ms. Waterman for this beautiful and romantic story. And thanks to you, Lynn, for posting the pictures and Ms. Waterman’s reflections. True love is truly magical. Congratulations and best wishes to Stephen and Anna.

  3. This is a beautiful love story. It makes my heart melt. I wish them all the joy, love and magic that life can bring…..

  4. is Anna’s ring next to the engagement ring, or is she only with the weeding one? i can not really see well. BTW I love them both. It is such a bliss every time i look at their outing pictures. Steve is the cutest man ever.

  5. Hi,mah deah,congrats this is magic and true love,in your beautiful wedding.MY best wish,for you and Anna you are so beautiful couple.

  6. Stephen is truly a romantic and very thoughtful. He sets the bar high for all those other men out there. The rings are gorgeous. Best wishes for many, many happy years together.

  7. Wonderful article. Loved reading what Kathy had to say about creating the rings, and her insight on Stephen and Anna. Made me go “awww”.

  8. I am so happy for you both!! Wishing you both many, many years of happiness, love, joy and laughter!!! Congrats!!!

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