Would you watch True Blood if it was censored?

Chinese internet giant Tencent has signed a deal with HBO to stream the network’s shows online, potentially bringing hits like Game of Thrones and True Blood to a China. However, there’s a catch. Tencent said each show needs to be approved individually by the Chinese government.

As any True Blood fan knows, HBO has a reputation for edgy TV content precisely because it is able to show—often in graphic detail—just about everything listed below on one show or another. Well, we feel sorry for the Chinese people who, if they get to see True Blood at all, probably won’t even understand what’s going on in each episode. And considering that Bill’s twisted head sex scene with Lorena was voted on of the most disturbing sex scenes ever and their romps with a couple in the 1920’s was pretty bloody, we’re guessing that True Blood won’t make the cut.

Twisted head sex scene voted one of the most disturbing sex scenes ever.
1920’s bloody sex scene from Hard Hearted Hannah was in the same league, I’d say.

The network’s current hits—Game of Thrones, Girls, and True Detective—are perhaps not coincidentally its most graphic. In fact, many of HBO’s biggest and most acclaimed hits have been heavily laced with explicit sex and violence (Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Big Love) or the supernatural (True Blood). Sex in the City’s very name could be banned under the Chinese regulator’s rules.

China’s top media regulator issued a list of topics that are now off-limits. Uh, we can spot most of the subject matter on this list from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television that would rule out watching True Blood:

  • drug abuse
  • extramarital affairs
  • fornication
  • gambling
  • kidnapping
  • masturbation
  • necrophilia
  • one-night stands
  • polyamorous relationship
  • pornographic content
  • prostitution
  • rape
  • sexual abuse
  • suicides
  • supernatural occurrences

Do you think True Blood will ever be shown in China?  And, If you lived in China would you watch True Blood if it was censored? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. there is no point to watchiing True Blood if its censored…taking out far too many scenes on the list i just read would take away alot of context and story lines….NO TO CENSORSHIP

  2. It would be cool if, say, ScyFy Channel aired the show from the begining even though there would have to be censoring for the explicit sex and certain naughty words. But other shows have done it. Sex And The City is aired on E! Channel and it was an HBO show that had lots of sex/nudity and language. Just saying. Maybe some day. I would still watch it censored. If I were to never watch the show again (censored or not) it’d be because that horrible finale has ruined the show for me.

  3. They killed it with the series finale so I don’t care…it wasn’t censored when I watched it….don’t plan to rewatch

  4. I might watch it, but that is only because I saw the original… I don’t believe it will have the same draw that the original, uncensored did. :(

  5. Probably not….. im pretty extreme and im not seeing me like it without sex, swearing, and the awesome violence that it includes!

  6. No. I don’t believe anything should ever be censored.
    Not tv, not movies, not radio.
    It’s just a form of control.

  7. It was on in Malaysia, well and truly censored. It would have taken a 53-55 minute show and turned it in what. 25 minutes? Lol the swearing is blanked out, but everything else is cut.

  8. Of course it wouldn´t be the same. One time I had to watch one censored episode, here in Argentina, and it was like the escence of TB was gone. And Kat is right, yo can watch tvd… Or twilight *zzz*

  9. No u have to watch true blood as its made then u don’t miss a thing…plu it wouldn’t be the same u cut all good parts out…leave true blood as it is…

  10. OMG!! really can you imagine this Jean Whitehead, each series would probably only last half an hour!!! lol what a joke x

  11. Watched all the truebloods time and time again but living in turkey they played it on e2 and censored every sex scene and drug scene out totally and it just wAsnt the same :P

  12. No, it wouldn’t be the same!! True Blood was a hit because of some those episodes. I loved the first 6 seasons of what I call my favorite show of all times. I do have to say I really didn’t like season 7. I haven’t bought it and really don’t plan to buy it. I still watch all of the others.

  13. censorship is For fascist and dictators.it would disgrace the artistic premise of the show.I would not watch even If someone paid me..fuck censorship bring on the fouling violence and nudity blasphemy

  14. there wouldn’t be a show left if even a couple of those things were censored because every bit is a part of the storyline.. ijs

  15. Why cut out the brilliant acting that made TB what it was? Nothing shuld be changed cuz there’s no point to watching it without its realness

  16. If all the violence, blood, naked as and sex scenes should be censored. There will be nothing left to see U0001f61cU0001f61b

  17. LOL, let’s just take necrophelia- how many times does Bill tell Sookie he’s dead and then they become lovers.
    I would love to see the finished product for curiosities sake in English but know it would be fan fiction after all the censoring.

  18. It would not be TB . If I wanted that I’d watch those Twilight films. As a bonus they sparkle.  LOLOLOL  
    Censored TB would only be about 10 minutes long each episode.

  19. Hell no, I remember buying the walking dead from the u.s especially the first season as in Australia the dvd was cut its one thing to do it on TV but when you buy them dvd blu ray you should not be censored or give you the option to watch it or watch the cut one in the menu

  20. Nah, honestly the show is great, even without nudity or sex its a GREAT show, Paquin, Moyer, and Skarsgard are amazing regardless… I’d be more concerned about the necessary violence being cut than the sex or nudity…

  21. I can’t imagine that anyone would understand what was going on if they cut all those scenes. If you take out the supernatural occurrences, what would the story be?  Then you take out all the sex.  It might be funny to see what is left!

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