Watch promo for episode of The Gifted 1.11 – The Time For Mercy Is Over

Below is the promo for the next episode of the Gifted #1.11, “The Time For Mercy is Over.” This episode will premiere after the holidays on January 1 when The Gifted returns with all new episodes.

Gosh, it will be hard waiting for the next episode. It looks like from this promo that there is a plan afoot and maybe something will be solved. However, if Esme has anything to say about it, I doubt so.

The Time For Mercy Is Over | Season 1 Ep. 11 | THE GIFTED

Catch an all-new episode of THE GIFTED when it returns January 1st only on FOX.

Below are some screenshots from next week’s episode 1.11 – “The Time For Mercy Is Over” promo video :

The Time For Mercy Is Over

Learn more about The Gifted at our Movie & TV Project page for this series.



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