Watch the Comic Con Preview Video of What’s to Come

With only 5 episodes of True Blood temperatures are rising and the anticipation is growing to unknown heights. What’s to come next?

Things are not looking good for Bill but there is talk of a cure or antidote…. will Bill live?

Watch the exclusive True Blood “In The Weeks Ahead” trailer that aired at San Diego Comic-Con.


  1. Sad to see the show end, but confident the storylines will wrap up well. What an amazing team of actors! Bill & Sookie are my favs…

  2. Cant it be more episodes,
    I have seen the whole True blood like 10 times over and over again it cant stop now ;(

  3. W.T.F you mean only 5 episodes did they cut it even shorter this final season I can’t believe this sucks that’s only what 9 episodes hasn’t it been 4 on already ? Either way really disappointed 5 left can they give it the justice it deserves with a hell of ending in 5 episodes I’m so pissed I expect it was ending but already it just started come on not a happy fan right now …

  4. they all had 12 in each season but this one only gets 10 ….i was sad too about it coming to an end but when i seen how terrible this last season has been so far i dont care any more …..terrible job this season ..yall could of done way better ….

  5. I am gonna cry. Like saying good bye to old friends. It will be sad to never “visit” Bon Temps again on a Sunday night.

  6. I’m very sad about the ending coming to close. Knowing that. We just got started. With this season it’s to sad and it is also too good, well it was a good run, these last 5 episodes better be worth it and Leave with a bang.

  7. Powerful, intense and explosive.  Can’t wait to watch it all unfold, and at the same time I don’t want to see the True Blood story, and especially Bill’s part of it, end.

  8. This ending sucks, but must be done. This has been an amazing, unique show, which I have throughly enjoyed and respect. Bring on the last 5 episodes!

  9. I’m never going to be ready to be over but you know and vampire world in every age but the actors do in real life I love seven seasons of True Blood was awesome all of you are wonderful actors I love it

  10. i cry all over and over again .. so sad that the show stops.. but i understand it, a little bit. :P…. true to the end

  11. no there are 10 episodes but at least now we know there is or was a cure so sarah newlin is a important part as for tara im dying to know what she is trying to say.

  12. No I’m not ready I don’t want it 2 end makes me so sad 2 know there will be no more True Blood one of the best series I’ve ever watched…

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