A Visit to TBX location: Caerphilly Castle in Wales, UK by Julie

Note: Stephen Moyer’s new series, The Bastard Executioner will film alternately between the U.K. and Wales. Showrunner, Kurt Sutter and his team were location scouting around Wales last month, with a particular eye to the battle-worn Caerphilly Castle. Since the production will probably use the setting in their production, it made sense to visit to see why.

I can certainly see why Caerphilly Castle appeals as a location for the new Kurt Sutter series The Bastard Executioner, which is to begin filming March 19th.

Despite living half an hour away from the location and having previously walked around the grounds I had yet to go inside. My visit to Caerphilly Castle to take photos for Allstephenmoyer.com took me around a series of winding staircases within the towers which could prove quite dangerous if you’re not careful! I soon found myself a little lost as to where I was and to prove how steep these stairs are, my legs were aching by the end of the day! It was a good workout!

Britain’s first concentric castle, Caerphilly Castle in South Wales was built in the 13th Century by Gilbert de Clare, only took three years to build, and is the second largest castle in Britain. The castle was built to defend South Wales against Llywelyn The Last.

The castle was attacked at these different points in history; the Madog ap Llywelyn Revolt of 1294; The Llywelyn Bren Uprising of 1316 and again in 1326 when The King Of England Edward II was overthrown, and hid in the Castle along with Hugh Despenser who was the husband of Gilbert de Clare’s oldest daughter.

Today Caerphilly Castle is a tourist attraction, including battle re-enactments. There is also the story that the Castle is haunted by The Green Lady, Princess Alice of Angouleme.

Below are photos of the castle I took during my visit (click on each image to see a larger view):

This is the Outer East Gatehouse. The main entrance to Caerphilly Castle.


The artificial lakes surrounding the castle.
It is what you think it is! The communal toilet which empties into the moat below!
Looking out towards the main entrance, the Outer East Gatehouse. The town centre is just out of shot.
A winding staircase in one of the towers.
Every castle needs a ghost story. The Green Lady is said to haunt Caerphilly Castle. Fancy taking a walk down here?
The Inner East Gatehouse.
The Famous Leaning South-East Tower.

Additional photos:

All of these photos are stored in our Caerphilly Castle Photo Gallery.



  1. The history just oozes out of these photos.  They are amazing.  Thank you, Julie, for providing the visuals of Caerphilly Castle and the commentary.  OMG, that staircase is unbelievable!

  2. Julie Mack Rowena75 You’re very welcome, Julie.  I’m a first generation Welsh person.  My father was born in Mountain Ash near Cardiff and emigrated to the States with his parents when he was 20.  I am enamored of all things Welsh, and so looking forward to the landscape of Wales we’ll see in TBX.

  3. Very cool. Thank you, Julie, for the tour. I can’t wait for the series to begin. I’m going to England and Scotland this summer, a detour to Wales may be in order. ; )

  4. Great pics, Julie!  You really get the feel for the times that TBX will be set in.  It will be fantastic when everyone is there in costume.  This gets me even more excited to see the show.  Thank you so much!

  5. Julie, thanks so much for going to the castle. taking the photos and sharing them with us. Great photos! Helps the fans to get in the mood of the period!

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