Fan videos for your viewing pleasure: Bill Compton / Stephen Moyer

The amazingly talented Billsbabe, ThelLou has been creating videos for True Blood ever since the show first aired in 2008. She certainly is a true Billsbabe since she has focused most of her videos specifically on her favorite subjects Stephen Moyer, Bill Compton and the relationship between Bill and Sookie.

Fan videosShe is a self taught videographer and makes no claim of being an artist but, we think she really is one, because she shows such creativity with each new video that they truly are works of art.  Not only that, but she seems to outdo herself each time a new one is produced.

We chose to feature her work here, not only because we think her videos are among the best fan made videos on the internet, but it seemed appropriate that they found a home here at where they will be fully appreciated and, because we too, are all about Stephen Moyer, Bill Compton and the relationship between Bill and Sookie.

Watch all the videos on our special Fan Videos Page:

And of course the video we feature is Hey Stephen…. one more time…. because we can’t help ourselves….

Taylor Swift – “Hey Stephen”


  1. Thank you so much, Shad and Lou. Believe me, I’ll be checking these out as time permits. I’m already familiar with Lou’s wonderful work from the yuku site. Can’t wait to immerse myself in more Bill-Stephen goodness.

  2. Shad, I know that it was a lot of work to move all of Lou’s lovely videos here, so I thank you so much for your hard work. I am so happy they are back online because I really do think Lou’s videos are the best group of Bill and Sookie/Stephen Moyer videos on the internet. I still can’t believe that she is self taught. Great work Lou and so glad to see them back online where they belong!

  3. Thank you Shad for featuring Lou’s wonderful work here at! Lou, your work is beautiful and I thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  4. Yes, Lou, your work is amazing. And it’s like Taylor Swift wrote that song just for us…it’s so perfect(just like the subject).

  5. Aw, my vids have such a lovely new home!!! So many thanks to Shad and Lynn for doing this. People ask me about my vids all the time, and now I have one place to send them –, the best darn site around.

  6. Thank you so much Lou for doing this. I’ve view Hey Stephen, but is so yummy, beautiful work. You sure are very talented, thanks for my fix of Stephen for today :)

  7. I’ve missed Lou’s videos more then I can say. Each one is a mini work of art! Thanks so much Shad for putting them up on this site. Now I know where I can get my quick Stephen/ Bill fix at any time. :-)

  8. Thank you so much Shad for giving these wonderful videos a new home. They were part of my daily routine for many months and I’ve really missed them. Thank you again Lou – they’re so beautiful and lovingly created, all of them, but Creep will always, always be my favourite.

  9. Shad you are an angel for giving a home to the fab videos of Stephen (Mr Delicious) Moyer produced by TheLou. The Taylor Swift ‘Hey Stephen’ was my favourite for many months and when it was removed from youtube I was shattered. Thanks Lou for your brilliant work. <3

  10. Shadm thanks so much for featuring all of Lou’s videos!

    Lou, your work is amazing. It’s only right that your fantastic vids be available on a fantastic site! Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. Thank you so much, Shad and Lou. What a great video ! I have been going through Stephen Moyer withdrawal, and this is a welcome infusion of luscious,gorgeous totally mesmerizing Mr. Moyer. Thanks again!

  12. YouTube- NO COMMENT.

    ASM/Shad/Lynn/Lou- thank you for finding a spot here for Lou’s unfairly misplaced videos. This a perfect place for them.

    Lou- That video- *double thud* :-)

  13. WOW!!! You are an incredible talent Lou! Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than one of your Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton videos <3
    Thank you Shad for posting them here for all of us to enjoy and drool over :) just keeps getting better and better!!!

  14. Thank you Shad for all your time and work to bring us Lou’s wonderful vids here in the house of Stephen. Lou you are so talented and a true artist. Love your vids and I so admire your skills. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  15. In my opinion, Lou, your videos are the best. The music is always perfect, the way you cut the scenes is perfect. I’ve purchased quite a few songs on iTunes because I associate them with your videos (personal fave … Chosen Family). Thanks to all who brought them here! Their addition really enhances this already wonderful fan site.

  16. I thought I had left a post earlier but I guess it didn’t take … anyway, thank you Lou, Shad, Lynn for this collection. Lou your use of music is so in sync with the emotional tone of your images, and you’ve created mini-worlds for this soulful couple to inhabit in our minds. Good work!

  17. Lou, I’m SO relieved to have your videos back! I used to start my morning with Hey Stephen, and I’ve missed it so. A cup of coffee and those baby-blues are the best way to begin the day. Thank you!

  18. There is nothing I can add to what everyone has already said. I was miserable when Lou’s videos disappeared from youtube. A day didn’t go by when I didn’t watch them at least once and, most days, many times more. They were a definite mood booster and, no matter what was going on in my life, they always brought a smile to my face. Thank you, thank you Shad for bringing them all together for us again and Lou, please know that your wonderful work is greatly appreciated.

  19. Thank you Shad and Lynn for your continued hard work for us fans and Lou making all the videos, I’m just speechless as to your talent. So much of Stephen/Bill… little time….but I will make time.

  20. Lou’s videos are the best – I surely did miss watching them. Thanks for finding them and sharing them with us. Hey Stephen makes me dance.
    I love Stephen!

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