Videos: How fighting prejudice is a theme for The Gifted

Stephen Moyer’s new series, “The Gifted” couldn’t be more timely since the show is clearly focusing on the prejudice against the mutants. The long time running X-Men franchise is also known for this.

The theme of the show is meant to be transparent in its dramatization, which is pretty similar to the same discrimination shown to Muslims in the west. While we don’t normally post political related information here, we can really see the comparison to groups discriminated against in western society in the scenes we’ve seen so far from The Gifted therefore, we decided it was important to show this focus.

prejudice against the mutants

Below is a quote about the topic from another website that explains the parallels:

Muslims living in the West have many sociopolitical similarities with the mutants from Marvel’s X-men, writes Fahad Syed. The discrimination of Muslims in Western and European countries seems to show no sign of softening. The recent European Court of Justice ruling on allowing employers to ban the hijab in the workplace comes as the latest legislation that denies Muslims their right to express their religious identity publicly.

Strangely enough, the policies of governments in these countries and the discrimination felt by Muslims themselves have enormous parallels with Marvel Comics’ The X-Men, both from an individualistic and sociological perspective. The X-Men showcases a mutant population living amongst humans that are a distinct species with abilities or superpowers, making them different to humans either physically, physiologically, or both.

Due to these abilities and differences, mutants face substantial discrimination and persecution at the hands of those humans in power, and are on a constant struggle to find acceptance in a society that is marred with hate and prejudice.

While Muslims certainly do not have any superpowers of unique abilities, they are categorically perceived to be a “threat” and linked with terrorism amid rising immigration.

More importantly, they are seen as culturally and ideologically different to those in the West, prompting considerable unrest and discord at a societal level.

In X-Men, angry protests calling for the expulsion of mutants from society and the rise of the far-right, and the indiscriminate attacks on mutants, owing to the slightest indication of their identity, are all examples that can be referenced to Muslims today.

Posted March 15, 2017

In the three new videos below we see how this theme is shown in The Gifted series:

Sentinel Services Is Here And Using Deadly Force | Season 1 | THE GIFTED

Mutants Unite

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