Video with Stephen Moyer about his upcoming film ‘The Double’

Stephen Moyer along with his co-star Topher Grace speak to Roth Cornet from ScreenRant about ‘The Double’ which is scheduled to open in theaters this Friday, October 28, 2011.

Below Stephen and Topher speak about how although the cold war is over, it’s still always with us.


source: Screenrant on YouTube


  1. Most interesting discussion of the cold war, spy games, and how the nature of the enemy has evolved over the years. It was good to hear from Topher Grace and Stephen.

    Thank you, Ruth and Lynn for making this interview available to us.

  2. I think it is paranoya! about spies everywhere. I want to hear Stephen speak Russian! It is always such a fun when poor American actors try to make Russian accent. But Stephen is good at different styles so it is very interesting to hear his attempts!

  3. Love how he talks with his beautiful hands. It almost looks like to me that he has lost a little weight in his fingers, his ring is loose and also people play with wedding bands to keep their other halves close.

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