Video: Where Is He? Bill Promo Season 3

Below is a new video promo from HBO to go along with the poster that was released this week for the missing Bill campaign.

Here’s the poster again.Bill Promo

Thanks to LifeIsNotEasy for the video.


  1. Where is he, indeed? I really like this one. Thanks, Life, for the vid, and Lynn for the post.

    The babes have been searching high and low. We want our Bill back!!

  2. Anything involving Bill, I love. Glad to see HBO giving our vamp his time in the spotlight.

    Don’t worry Bill, the Billsbabes are on the lookout!

  3. I love that they updated the bottles with the “missing Bill” labels. I’d so buy a set or two of those, HBO – hint, hint.

    With the poster and the two promos, that 3 Bill promos in a week! I likey. Hopefully we’ll get more and more as we inch closer to season 3.

  4. Kudos to HBO for finally giving us TB fans a great promo to really “sink our teeth” into! Where for art thou is thy Bill? The Babes are on a mission!

    Wondering if HBO will relabel the bottles with this new promo and have them available for sale on the HBO website.

    Thanks Lynn and Life for posting.

  5. I’m with Lou and Skimom2, I would love to buy me some “Misssing Bill” bottles of True Blood for my premier party and I know Shad and Lynn you will let us know when it is available. Thanks.

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