Video: True Blood Season 7 “No Words”

trueblood-nowords-billThe True Blood cast are somewhat speechless in this video when answering the question, “What is being a part of True Blood mean to me?”

Don’t miss the last episode of the HBO original Series, True Blood, this Sunday night, 8/24 at 9PM, only on HBO.


source: HBO/TrueBlood on YouTube


  1. How does one put into words what this glorious seven-year run means to him-her?  No wonder they are all basically speechless.  I think Anna says it best with that kiss.

  2. I for one am going to miss this show and all of the people who were in it. Spectacular series ! Absolutely love it !!!  Im dying inside knowing it is ending ! Such a hollow feeling !!!

  3. Leaving such a hollow feeling inside of me knowing it is going off ! So sad . Absolutely a terrific series. Love it !!!

  4. Oh!!! I don’t know why, but I really love this show!! I can’t believe it’s only one episode left… I’m going to miss it… a lot!!! Thanks to everyone that makes it possible!!!

  5. We have watched some really good shows on HBO – but there will never be one like this that SO many people absolutely love

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