Video: True Blood cast interview with Huffpost

true blood comic con
Anna, Stephen, Rutina, Chris and Deborah discuss various topics including Anna’s new hair color, were-elves, the show and more. Stephen would have liked to have seen Sookie ride a were-tiger.



  1. Is she ever really happy?? She’s always lookin pissed or bored like she could care less. Love her as an actress an her an Stephen together but is she ever happy?? I hope she’s not stuck up an thinks she’s too good for her fans because I like her but I hate people who think they’re too good or better than everybody else.

  2. Anna looks like she is SO OVER True Blood and just wants to go home! Sure hope she doesn’t think that looking pissed all of the time, with her hair and the black leather outfit makes her look like a bad ass…..because it doesn’t! Just makes her seem snobby and bitchy. C’mon Anna….make us all happy and SMILE…..see :-) it’s easy?

  3. Anna is the first to admit she has Bitchy resting face, I too suffer from this. I remember reading somewhere she gets nervous doing interviews in front of large crowds maybe this was the case. Don’t be hard on her.

  4. I cant stand u people who think people should have a dumb ass smile on their faces constantly. Im the same way and it gets extremely annoying when people hound u about smiling like a retard all the time. Lay off people.. seriously. Not everything is what it seems. Maybe she is nervous? Maybe her asshole hurts? Maybe she has a headache? Maybe she has anxiety during interviews and what not? Come on! Just because someone smiles at you doesnt mean they are a “good person”. And just because someone isnt smiling doesnt mean they think they r better than you. Human beings are complex… dont oversimplify things and expect people to act a certain way only to make YOU feel at ease. The world doesnt revolve around u.

  5. She IS a badass and not because of her hair or attire. Who died and left you in charge of judging everyone?

  6. Maybe Anna just wants to go home to her little babies. Watched this video and was pretty funny TY guys for recording this. I love Trueblood forever and all of its cast. Going to be very missed :)

  7. Fun interview … Anna’s hair color, were-elves (why not?), were-tigers,
    when the cast knew this show was going to be more than a one-trick
    pony.  So nice that Chris is here this year.  I loved hearing everyone’s
    thoughts on a variety of subjects.

  8. That’s a cool, powerful creature from the books. I kept looking for him to show up in the series!

  9. A photo is a still of split second in time. Don’t be so quick to judge! Not everyone likes to smile 24/7 either.

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