1. Fantastically well done! Ladies, you rule big time!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to see Alan, Stephen, Anna and all the others no less loved.

  2. I’ve been watching at The Vault. I’ve only seen the first two. It will probably take me until tomorrow to complete the 8 parts. I appreciate the opportunity to see the panel in action. I’ve loved what I’ve seen thus far.

  3. WooHoo!!! I finally watched and listened to all 8 parts. I had a bit of difficulty hearing because of squeals, screams, laughs and applause, but most of the comments, anecdotes and stories came across loud and clear. What a treat! Thanks to Shad and becrias for these amazing posts. I laughed, smiled, giggled … I am so grateful to be able to watch and listen to what so many were able to see and experience first hand.

    Highlights: Stephen talking about the f**k puppet; Chris Bauer’s fan experience … not (read: bird poo); Joe’s Eeyore story; Anna’s sharing about why fans come up to her and want her autograph (and even though I’m a Billsbabe I want your autograph, too, Anna.) Such great fun. It was wonderful seeing so many on stage. I giggled over Carrie’s fav Arlene line: “Coby will eat anything if you put mayo on it” and sighed dreamily over Nelsan’s choice … “I can smell the sunlight on your skin.” I am so grateful for the vids, pictures, reports and for the Season 4 hints and tidbits. Looking forward to all the drama, mystery, humor, excitement, romance and sex that Season 4 will bring.

  4. WOW that was wonderful. I loved hearing all the cast sharing their thoughts and experiences. I agree with you Ro, Nelsan’s choice was one of my favorites as well as everything said by Stephen. Thank you becrias and Shad!

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