Video – Stephen Moyer at Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix

This interview was shot on Friday, April 15, before Stephen flips his car and won the pole position:

E! News discusses – Stephen Moyer after the car flip on Friday while qualifying for the Toyota Celebrity/Pro Grand Prix.

Uh, excuse me? Vampires don’t suck at racing and Stephen Moyer really doesn’t suck at all since he was the best of the day even with his flip and won pole position. E!, get it right will ya?
source: RealTVfilms


  1. Whatever, Ryan Seacrest. I doubt we’ll see you on the race track. Steve did an amazing job under the circumstance, won pole position AND $15,000 for Facing the Atlantic. I’m super proud of him!

  2. Hey, Ryan Seacrest is not, shall we say, the sharpest tool in the box. Vampires definitely don’t “suck” at driving; witness Bill driving like a manic, furious that Sookie had taken Jessica home to see her family.

  3. The only one that sucks here is the one who said it…yes, Ryan Seacrest. Stephen has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!! He’s the best!!

  4. I enjoyed the first two interviews. And then along comes E with its stupidity. Stephen gave it his all; did a fantastic job to win pole position and the $15,000 for his charity. Major kudos to him.

  5. Damn, he is so adorable, love everything about him and these interviews are such a treat! Thank you for that i appreciate it. i am now trying to locate Man only but no luck, if anyone finds a site, it would be great. By the way i love the fact that TB is coming soon, can not wait…..

  6. The most daring thing Seacrest has ever done is possibly leave the house without hair gel so just consider the source. He is an annoying little troll. Seriously does anyone take Seacrest seriously or even like him?

    These accidents happen all the time in races by professional drivers. Stephen did a great job and handled himself like a pro.
    He is one cool customer keeping such a cool composure and control as the car is flipping. Color me impressed.

  7. OK, Mr Seacrest, so you think vampires suck at driving? Then show me how YOU manage to flip your car and still win the pole position and 15,000 $ for charity. And THEN we will talk.

  8. I haven’t been able to take Ryan Seacrest seriously for the last few years now. What he said was not surprising, but completely untrue. Steve did a great job out there.

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