Video of Stephen Moyer Scenes from ‘The Double’

Stephen Moyer’s film, ‘The Double’ has been recently released on DVD and Blu-ray. Below is a video compilation of Stephen’s scenes from the film. He provides a wonderful depiction of the Russian prisoner, Brutus and I loved the film and wrote a review of it when it first came out it theaters.

We also have screencaps of Stephen’s performance in these scenes located at the Photo Gallery devoted to the film.

We highly recommend purchasing the film to add to your Stephen Moyer film collection by using one of the links below.

Be sure to also check out our Movie & TV Projects page devoted to this film with lots of information, photos and videos.

Purchase or Stream it at Amazon below:

Streaming Multi-Format DVD Blu-ray


  1. stephen has done a lot of great work, but Brutus from The Double is fast becoming one of my favorite roles.

    He’s just fantastic. Easily the best 10 minutes of the film.

    Thanks for posting, Lynn.

  2. That 10 minutes is worth the cost of admission or in this case the dvd.

    Scene stealing is an understatement. Brutus as played by Stephen caused a visceral reaction as well other reactions and that is all I am saying. ;)

  3. He’s always so good, and so utterly believable. Brutus is a great character, brought to life by a fantastic actor. He was the highlight of the film for me.

  4. I saw this movie last weekend for Stephen Moyer was in it. Turns out Topher Grace was an added bonus! I was disappointed Stephen was not in a major role or in the film longer, but he was great and the movie was overall more interesting than I expected!

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