Video: Stephen Moyer’s appearance on Chelsea Lately

Chelsea LatelyStephen chatted with Chelsea (June 10) about….. well what do you think Chelsea asked him about? The word fornication came up somewhere in the conversation.
But these American talk shows really don’t do right by their guests, a 2 minute interview? They should take an example at European talk shows.


  1. I enjoyed Stephen’s interview so much but it sped by – multiple viewings were required to settle me down, plus a few extra of just the walk across the stage. I loved the joke about how to get engaged, and his response when she said she’d never been asked was so sweet.

  2. Stephen is so entertaining, witty and adorable in interviews but it was way too short. Like Wiwa, I watched it several times before I settled down. I also look at Skype in a whole different way, now. LOL

  3. I see that the video has been blocked on copyright grounds. I was fortunate to see it when it aired last night and then again before the vid was blocked. Stephen was charming, witty, entertaining. Chelsea called him adorable, and I so agree. I just wish the interview had been longer.

  4. Yes, I just went back to my DVR and watched it again. Only 4 minutes…obviously not long enough. So very funny, love his comeback lines…”that’s the kind of show I want to be in”, “you have to ask them, and then they say ‘yes’ or ‘no'”, “we had ‘blessed’ the relationship”.

  5. I have wanted Stephen to appear on her show for some time. I knew it would be funny and he would have a good time. Chelsea takes no prisoners but I knew Stephen was up to the task. My only complaint is that it was over so quickly. Of course he always leaves us wanting more. Now I want him to appear on Craig Ferguson’s Show and maybe even be in a skit with Craig. They would be a hoot together.

  6. The man is delicious! Chelsea doesn’t usually drool over her guests, so I think Stephen got to her. Very cute interview. Heck, I would’ve watched him just walking on and off set for the whole show – his strut is ultra sexy.

  7. I thought the interview was way too short and Chelsea basically asked him questions that everyone else has asked at one time or another.
    I think Stephen handled the interview quite well, as he always does, but I wish it could have been longer and that he could have talked about more of season 3 and his upcoming projects during the hiatus.

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