Video: Stephen Moyer Interviewed about ‘The Barrens’

During the hiatus from True Blood, as all his fans know, Stephen Moyer starred in Darren Lynn Bousman’s film, The Barrens. The film shot in Canada and while he was there, Stephen sat with ET Canada for an interview about the film. Until, now US audiences couldn’t see that interview, but thanks to Bills4me, one of the group of women who met Steve on the set during the filming, we have that video for you.

This video will reside permanently on our “The Barrens” Movie & TV Project page which you can find by clicking on the banner below:

Thanks to Bills4me for the video.


  1. Thanks, Bills4me, for providing, and Lynn for posting. After hearing this interview on The Barrens I am expecting to be thoroughly frightened by what I see on screen … and looking forward to it. Stephen, I can be pathetic, too, when it comes to the scaries. It all depends on how things are presented. Good to hear some tidbits about True Blood, and also Stephen’s and Anna’s production company.

  2. Bills4me – What a little gem of an interview, as well as a peak at the filming of “The Barrens.” Thanks so much for getting that for us, and thanks Lynn for posting it here. I am also “pathetic” when it comes to scary movies, and don’t see them too often, but I’m definitely going to see this one! The environment reminds me of “Blair Witch Project”, which really got to me – uh,oh!

  3. I’m sorry that the quality of the recording couldn’t have been better, but there’s no way to directly download/upload from my PVR to my computer, so I had to record from the TV screen. I didn’t think much of this interview the day it aired as I was still on a meeting Stephen high. Since then, I had a look at it and melted. OMG, the interview took place right after he met with Typeoneg, Karen and I. (BTW, while I know you adorable American viewers figure “in Canada” is an adequate location descriptor, this piece was actually filmed in Calendon, ONTARIO at Albion Hills Conservation Area.) I finally devised a way to get it on AllSteve. It was a little tricky, but I thought if I could manage to find Stephen in the woods North of Toronto, surely I could do this. I’m glad I managed to overcome all the technical obstacles so you could all enjoy it. So, please, enjoy!

  4. Thanks, Bills4me…I knew you’d come through for us. It is exciting to think we had with met him just a short time before…in that same leather jacket, those jeans…just so yummy!

  5. How presh is he? So glad that he got to use his real accent in this movie (or that’s how it sounds from the bit they were shooting).

    Many thanks to Bills4me for working so hard to get the clip up for us! Love it, and him.

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