Video: Stephen Moyer in TV Guide Magazine’s Men of True Blood

TV Guide Video

As you all know by now, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello are featured on this week’s cover of TV Guide Magazine. Below is a video from that shoot along with a few screencaps for your viewing pleasure:

TV Guide Video

TVGuideMagazine on YouTube


  1. Great camaraderie amongst the boys. Nice to see the return of the henley but how dare anyone but Stephen/Bill wear one?

    Stephen how do I love thee , let me count the ways…

  2. How enjoyable to see Sookie’s suiters all together, looking so handsome.

    Of course Stephen, Sookie’s Bill, is hottest of all, especially in his signature Henley! I loved the joke about Joe’s yorkie!

  3. Stephen is definitely the sexiest of them all. Gosh, that man gets hotter by minute. He’s just so witty, and charming. I love how he and Alex get along so well. Sorry, but neither Joe or Alex hold a candle next to our Man.

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