Video: Stephen Moyer directs on the set of True Blood Season 6, Episode 1

stevedirectsHBO has just uploaded a new video from True Blood Season 6. This scene is from the first episode, which Stephen Moyer directed. You can hear Stephen giving direction in this scene where we see Jason, Nora and Sookie and Jason is trying to get Nora to tell him where Warlow is.

Waiting sucks but Season 6 of True Blood premieres Sunday, June 16 at 9pm only on HBO; watch our countdown clock on the right.


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  1. Loved this peek at Episode 1 … Jason, Nora, Sookie, with Stephen directing.  Makes the waiting more bearable.  Thanks for providing.

  2. I am getting so excited for season 6 of TB and seeing Steve directing in this new clip has me cheering for him. Hurry June….
    Thanks for the clip, who knows when I’d see it if not for your posts.

  3. LOVE IT! it was very cool to hear Stephen’s voice in the background! Each episode he has directed before has been an actual HIGHLIGHT of the show so I am excited to see this one above and beyond just waiting for the show! He is a very talented director so his episodes I expect to be some of the best of this coming season!
    Thanks AllStephenMoyer for the clip! it’s better on here than it is on the HBO home page! thanks thanks thanks!

  4. So exciting to see Stephen directing again!  It sure looks cold – the crew is all bundled up, and we can see the breath from the actors’ mouths.   Hope they take lots of vit C!
    This will be a great episode, and I’m so glad it’s # 6:01!

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