Reed tries to convince Polaris to help in Eps. 4 “eXit Strategy” of The Gifted

eXit Strategy

Below are two new promos for the next episode 4 of The Gifted titled, eXit Strategy which airs on Monday, October 30, 2017.

In the first promo video, Stephen Moyer’s Reed Strucker tries to get Polaris on his side and asks that they work together. Unfortunately, she still doesn’t trust him and wants nothing to do with him.

In this second promo video we see Reed and Polaris being transported to a military airport supposedly to be taken to some unknown location. This may be the chance for them to get away. Do they take a chance to escape as Reed wants? Or, will the family come to rescue them?

I’m betting that Reed doesn’t give up and finally convinces Polaris to work with him. However, will they successfully get free or will Reed and Polaris continue to rot in jail at some unknown secret location? What do you think?

Below are a few screencaps of Stephen from the video:

See more photos in the Episode 4 Photo Gallery by clicking on the button below:

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