Video Recap of True Blood Seasons 1 to 6

HBO presents to us a video “memory lane” of the first six seasons of True Blood to get everyone ready for the final season. Below is a video that gives us a look back at the 70 previous episodes of the show.

Are you getting itchy to see some True Blood and to see Bill Compton? We are!

recap seasons 1to6



  1. Before the night is over your gonna be in love. I love this scene and them dancing to this Jerry Lee Lewis song

  2. I love the HBO series, but I love the books! The books make True Blood even better, because there is so much more, and the difference is unbelievable! It’s like getting 10 extra seasons of True Blood! :D I like that!

  3. On season 3. Its very addictive, even though you know what happens I’m still gripped to the tv and my heart still beats hard at the tense parts. #TrueToTheEnd

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