Video Promo for True Blood’s next Episode 5 “Lost Cause”

In this new video promo from HBO, we see Bill arrive on Sookie’s doorstep for some occasion, flowers in hand. He tells her that his mother always told him it was ungentlemanly to turn up to a gathering empty handed.
TRUE BLOOD – EPISODE 75/705: CLIP: – In the video, Bill arrives at Sookie’s door with flowers.

Photo credit: John P. Johnson


  1. Bill and Sook got the end this seven year journey with we the fans, getting back together please !!!!

  2. Lots of love here for Bill and Sookie.  She’s one lucky gal … with handsome and sexy Vampire Bill on her doorstep presenting her with flowers.

  3. He kinda grins when he says im I early? she retorted I only just found out about this party ! As he enters kind of hopeful look ! (OH ! AND HE IS BEING THE BILL SOOKIE &WE FIRST MET ! SWEET GENTELMENLY! ! WHICH HELPS TO SWEEP HER OFF HER FEET! NOT TO MENTION THE CHEMISTRY!

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