Video Promo and Photo for True Blood Season 7.07 “May Be The Last Time”

Below is a video promo and a high quality photo of Jessica and Bill from the upcoming episode of True Blood Season 7.07 “May Be The Last Time” which airs this Sunday, August 3.


PHOTO: Jessica and Bill

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source: HBO
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO


  1. WHY….WHY….WHY….WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…….a world without True Blood? I can’t take it!!! :-(

  2. He is a great maker very sad to see the show end..just hope they don’t muck it up better be a good ending damnit

  3. Here’s hoping Eric chooses life for himself and the other sick vamps, and not death for Sarah Newlin.  She’s the cure!  Sweet photo of Bill and Jessica.  It made me tear up.

    Thanks for providing.

  4. Used to love this show, but it really took a nose dive around season 4. I tried to watch last season, got through the first 2 episodes and was so disappointed I quit watching. The whole Billith story line was just the final straw for me…one of the worst shows on HBO.

  5. hope they don’t meet the true death and leave as a cliffhanger for awhile and us fans bug the heck out of them to put a real good ending to it

  6. I can’t beliеve it! And Bill is infected. :( I’ll stop watching this season and I’ll start watchинг the first.

  7. Going to miss True blood loads :-( love them all especially Eric and Bill, Started to watch the first ever season all over again

  8. TEAM BILL AND SOOKIE FOREVER! She still loves him and that is great! Poor Jess is a wreck. 
    Eric needs to get over his “revenge” attitude and start spreading the cure.

  9. I never want true blood to end its the best show I have ever watched im glued I have watched it about 5 times :( I hate to say good bye :(

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