Video of Stephen Moyer’s Car Flip

Video of Stephen Moyer’s car flip from the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix qualifying session last Friday, April 15, 2011.  There are three views, one is from the cockpit of the car. You can see that Steve is securely fastened in and although shaken about, was not harmed.

Unfortunately, the first video does not seem to be available outside the US.

car flip



  1. This is worse than the stills. How horrifying it must have been for family and fans to watch live. A true heart-in-the-throat minute or two!

  2. Oh my, dang. The inside camera – and the crash/flip itself, WOW, I’m stun and know he was. Glad he’s ok and I know HBO had a fit, no wonder they pulled him out of the second race.

  3. The inside cam freaked me out. I almost felt like I was sitting behind him in the car. SO SCARY!!! :O
    Once more I am grateful he was unharmed.

  4. Poor Steve of mine, but he is one tough cookie(and a delicious one), so thank God he is OK. Anna must have been sick worried.

  5. Wow. This is one post I just can’t “like,” though I am grateful for the chance to see what it was really like in Stephen’s car. What a trooper he is! I’m so glad he came through such an accident with nary a scratch. Kudos to Toyota for making a great car, and to whoever is responsible for all of the great safety gear keeping our guy safe!!

    Stephen’s a total rockstar, but we all knew that (see Bullett magazine).

  6. Oh my word, that was a proper racing incident and Steve handled it like a total pro. It was scar at the time and I was only following from afar via Lynn’s twitter feed, must have been even more heart stopping to watch it live. Thank the stars it was a fully prepped race car with roll bars and full harness, it stood up to the flip exceptionally well. Great to see the other racers keeping well clear as they went past and the swift reaction of the marshals in getting to the car. Glad there were no injuries.

    Well done Steve for getting the pole and the money for Facing the Atlantic, it’s been brilliant fun following you through training and at the race track. Loved every minute of it, well, all except the few very anxious ones waiting for Lynn to tell us that you were ok!

  7. Wow! That’s some scary stuff. I am so glad he didn’t get hurt. Some great safety gear doing that clearly did its job.

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