Video: Milus and Lady Love display their fondness

In the exclusive clip from tonight’s finale episode of The Bastard Executioner, we see Lady Love (Flora Spencer-Longhurst) ask Milus (Stephen Moyer) for help rescuing Father Ruskin and Luca from the Rosula. Love also informs Milus that she knows both Wilkin’s true identity and that he has known it all along.


What happens next is the reason why this pairing has been our favorite relationship in Season 1: from the way Milus fights the urge to touch Love’s hand when asking her to stay open to Baron Pryce for the sake of their shire (a sign of respect — she’d read the tender gesture as manipulation), to the way they both convincingly admit that they are, despite appearances, fond of one other.

Milus just can’t bring himself to touch Lady Love in a very sweet scene in the sneak peek.

Wow, for me that was an awesome promo.  It’s apparent how much Milus cares for the Baroness and she for him. Will she bring out the goodness in Milus and make him a better man for it?  Can’t wait to find out more in tonight’s finale!

The Bastard Executioner season finale airs tonight, Nov. 17 at 10 p.m. on FX.

Watch the video below:

source Yahoo.TV


  1. She is in love with Wilkin but he isn’t a royal but I believe he will help her out of her “baby” problem!! Milus may be fond of her but he can’t be fully trusted! I like Lady Love and feel she will come out on top!!

  2. An amazing clip. Their hands almost touched, and yet Milus resisted the urge. They respect and care for one another. That declaration was beautiful to hear. Thanks so much for this.

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