Video of how Killing Jesus story is told at interactive web site

We’ve already shown you screencaps (see a sample below) from the new immersive and epic interactive site created for NatGeo’s upcoming three-hour TV docudrama based Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s bestselling book, Killing Jesus, which stars Stephen Moyer as Pontius Pilate.

Going far, far beyond the traditional companion site, the same folks behind the similarly impressive Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy sites, once again amaze with an online experience that not only complements, but adds depth to its broadcast counterpart.


The life and death of Jesus has been called the greatest story ever told. So how do you tell it in a new way? That was the challenge National Geographic Channel posed to Mullen in the lead up to their latest historical drama, Killing Jesus.  They explore the life and death of Jesus from three different perspectives.

Now, watch the video below that gives more information about the interactive web site  that tells the story.



  1. I’ve checked out the web site from the three perspectives given … Jesus and his followers, the Roman rulers and the High Priests.  The site is very well done; the pictures are so impressive.  I’m sure I’ll return many times.  Thanks for providing this video link.

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