Fan Video on The Darker Side of Bill Compton

In a recent interview,¬†Alan Ball revealed that Bill will be a real “bad ass” in True Blood, Season 3. And, many of you have expressed how much you are looking forward to seeing another side of Bill or more of his vampire side. Bill, although somewhat tamed in Season 2 has still shown his darker side from time to time in Seasons 1 and 2. Here’s a video that chronicles that side of him that we think you will enjoy.

darker side

The song is “Die This Way” by Daniel and Jon Licht and is from the Dexter soundtrack.

Video by: Tomatsuppe


  1. Thatks for posting this, it’s an excellent video, very stylish. The same pair of Norwegian girls did a really good Bill and Sookie video worth checking out too.

  2. Thank you, Tomatsuppe, for creating, and Lynn, for posting. Powerful stuff and an amazing video. Bill has been a vampire much longer than he was a human. We know he is struggling to re-capture his humanity, and to mainstream. Being with Sookie has made that even more important in his life. But underneath it all, he is a predator. I am looking forward to seeing this dark side of Bill Compton emerge.

  3. Great job Tomatsuppe. Dexter’s music always grabs you.
    I love both Bill’s dreamy and his dangerous dark side.
    He is everthing a vampire should be and more.
    Scare me some more Bill, I dare you. ;)

  4. Wow! What an awesome video. The music is spot-on. I am sooo looking forward to seeing a darker side of Bill in S3. I love his human side, but being dark is also something I love to see as well.

    Tomatsuppe, great job!

  5. I’m one who is looking forward to “Badass Bill”!! Bring him on!!
    I’m also looking forward to some amazing acting by Stephen…he will no doubt nail every single scene! He’s a wonderful actor as well as being…….drum roll……..the most beautiful man on the planet. :D

  6. Thank you so much for this amazing video.

    I love Bill for all his shinning light and deepest dark. It is a constant war inside him and this inner battle has brought forth a deeply loving yet dangerously mesmerizing character.

    It has defined who he is, and he is beautiful.

  7. thank you tomatsuppe! i have always liked dark and bad bill. bon soir enchante’ is very sexy and i liked where he tells the cop not to shine the light in the eyes of his female companion. this kind of video gets me going! the music is fab.

  8. This is why I love Bill Compton so much. When he’s dark, he’s very dark and scary. But when he’s sweet, he’s very sweet and sexy.

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