Video: Cast of The Gifted reveal some secrets about Season 2

The cast of the Gifted reveal some secrets about Season 2 when they sit down with Rotten Tomatoes at this year’s Comic-Con. Stephen Moyer, Emma Dumont, Natalie Alyn Lind, Sean Teale, Blair Redford, and Skyler Samuels join Rotten Tomatoes hosts Mark Ellis and Jacqueline Coley to discuss new developments in Season 2 of FOX’s ‘The Gifted’!

cast of the Gifted

During the interview below, the cast discusses aspects of attending Comic-Con and Season 2 including:

  • Stephen announces that this is his 11th straight Comic-Con.
  • How Stephen is always asked by fans to bite them, because of Vampire Bill.
  • Stephen talks about how when he first came to Comic-Con, he was sort of afraid of the crazy, but now he embraces it!
  • When asked about his mutant powers, Stephen reminds us how his X-Gene was halted by his father. So, because he is searching for Andy in Season 2, he just might decide to try and find a way to bring those powers back.
  • Each of the other members of the cast talk about their individual characters and what will happen to them in Season 2.¬† This, of course, includes the much anticipated mutant birth which you can learn about by watching the video below.

cast of the Gifted

source: Rotten Tomatoes on YouTube

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