Video and pics: Stephen Moyer in Men’s Health Magazine on EXTRA

Stephen Moyer is “smokin’ hot” in the new issue of Men’s Health Magazine and here’s a video from last night’s EXTRA where they show us some footage from the Men’s Health Photoshoot.

And, for your enjoyment, below are some images from that photo shoot. Click on the images for a larger view.

Men's Health Magazine on Extra

Thanks to LifeIsNotEasy for the video and the scans.



  1. When doing things like this, do these people have in mind that it could be dangerous for the heart and brain? I might have had a heard attach and a brain seizure already;)

  2. Thank you, Lynn and Life. I am enjoying the heat wave that is Stephen Moyer. Actually, “enjoy” is too pale a word to describe what I’m feeling … I’m sure you all catch my drift.

  3. I feel like I need to wrap my laptop in a plain brown wrapper. But that is just due to my reaction. LOL

  4. Thank-you for posting this and the show. He is so funny and charming. I so agree my computer almost melted from the view. Couldn’t you just picture yourself walking in the mountains with him. I think he would make a great friend to though. He is inspiring to me cause of my art. I hope someday he sees my work on deviant art. One of you wonderful ladies gave great advice and i put it on there. Lots of pics of our man but some of Anna, animals and family to. Please check it out under fbforbill.
    Love you wonderful ladies for supporting our man and giving us such great stuff to look at.
    Love Cindyloo dedicated Stephen fan and Anna fan.

    Keep adding and please go to the sites and say some supportive stuff about him. Lots of hate towards are man. Shad had to endure that, Sorry you had to see that Shad. Please he needs all our support. Don’t forget to give to the FTA to. Again many thanks.

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