Ventrishire Sets for The Bastard Executioner to be no more

Whether we choose it or not, sometimes things just don’t work out the way we would choose. We learned this last November when Kurt Sutter announced that his new show The Bastard Executioner, starring Stephen Moyer in his amazing portrayal of Milus Corbett, would end and therefore, not have another season.

Now, we are sad to report that the beautiful sets built to be “Ventrishire” are soon to be gone for good, too.  Note the photo below:

Ventrishire sets
Photo Credit: David Curtis

We reported several times about the lovely location and sets that were built especially for the new production and how wonderful it was that they were filming in Wales. Below is a photo from one of our posts about the sets for the show which made up Ventrishire and this the way we wish to remember it. See more about it here.

The set of the medieval town of Ventrishire from the Hollywood Reporter.


  1. So very sad, but I guess inevitable. The sets were amazing, and the locale, beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

  2. Thought we’d be seeing The Bastard Executioner on some of these award shows. Can’t believe all the talent in creating it & making it real not getting their due recognition. You all will never be far away. We will always have Wales & Ventrishire! <3

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