Vampire Missing – Bill Compton

missing vampire

As you know, Bill Compton was kidnapped in the last episode of Season 2. Rest assured that the Billsbabes are not sitting idly by while Bill Compton is missing. We are searching for our Missing Vampire and are asking for your help to get the word out. Here is our poster:
missing vampire

We have identified the known suspects and they are:

Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5 – feels threatened by Bill and wants him out of the way so he can pursue Sookie Stackhouse. And, he’d really like to buy up that Compton property.
– is still in love with Bill, wants to renew her maker/vampire relationship and enjoys abuses like getting hit over the head with a 52″ plasma TV.
Queen Sophie Ann LeClerq
– wants him because he knows her secret and resents the fact that he doesn’t like to play Yahtzee
Steve Newlin
– the FOTS need a replacement vampire to meet the sun after their failed attempt with Godric, so Bill is their new prisoner.
Maxine Fortenberry
– For what other reason than he’s a vampire? Well…also because he sired her son’s girlfriend and she’d like to get her hands on his Wii.

“Operation – Find Missing Vampire Bill” members include: Billshuman, Lynnpd, and WillKill4Bill. Contact us if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this missing vamp.

Thanks to WillKill4Bill for this cute idea, and to BH for helping me with the suspect list.  I did the poster, LYNNPD.


  1. I love this and what a cute idea. I am armed and ready for when we find out who took our vampire. I will help in the hunt. Sharpening stakes in case it is a vampire. Thanks Willkill4bill, BH & Lynn you babes never stop with the surprises.

  2. i’m very sorry to say i have bill in my downstairs cupboard…..

    he like it in there

    i’ll return him when season 3 starts

  3. Bonjour, j’ai découvert depuis peu la série, et je doit dire que je n’ai pu m’empêcher de tout voir et revoir, tellement je suis devenue immédiatement accro à cette superbe série. Il me tarde que Bill revienne et qu’il puisse retrouver sa Sookie, Eric est certes un beau vampire imposant, mais il ne lui arrive pas a la cheville, et aucune envie que Sookie passe maintenant dans ces bras. j’espère que l’histoire de la série ne suivra pas trop celle des livres, pour le bien de Bill et Sookie.

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