Valentine for Bill Compton – The King Who Stole Our Hearts

A Valentine for Bill Compton! The Billsbabes are always thinking of ways to show their love to our favorite vampire, Bill Compton in creative ways.

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us, we thought it would be nice to recognize oru love for Bill Compton again this year. Of course, this requires that we ask Stephen Moyer to pass it on to Bill for us, but we’re pretty sure he will comply and, by default he gets some lovin’, too!

Click on the image to see it full size.

Listen to the song in the video below which is by Sade called “Your Love Is King” which represents our feelings for Bill.  The lyrics for the song are displayed in the image above.

For the past two years, we have sent Bill a valentine, see our previous posts here:

ValentineThe creation of this card was a team effort by WillKill4Bill and Lynnpd. Thanks to Willkill4Bill for the idea and choice of song.

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