Video clip from True Blood Season 6, Episode 3

Below is a new Bill video clip from the upcoming episode of True Blood Season 6, Episode 3.  

I am so excited about this week’s episode, I think things are really getting interesting. Cannot Wait, how about you?


Bill and Jessica: Bill meets the Sun





  1. Something strange happened.  I couldn’t put in my password, so it seems the only way I can post is as a guest.  
    Back to the clip.  Poor Jessica … she’s terrified for her maker and friend. The moment of truth is at hand for Bill.
    Thanks for providing this look ahead.

  2. Bill, you’re my maker too. I can’t lose you.
    Deborah Ann and Stephen are wonderful to watch together. With Sookie and Bill at odds, or worse, it’s a pleasure to see Bill with probably the only person on the show who has sympathy and love for him. Eric gets love from his family. Bill needs a bigger family, and as much as I’d love him to just get friendlier with the Bellefleurs to achieve that I don’t think that will happen this season.

  3. If my memory serves me correctly it was daylight when Bill entered the Fae realm .  These visits into other realms make it possiblefor him, a vampire to walk in daylight but our realm does not.  I can’t bear to see Bill possibly being burned to a crisp again. Hopefully that will not be the case. How phenomenal will it be if  Bill is now able to day walk?

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