Two new True Blood Season 6 Finale Video Clips

promovideoasmTwo new True Blood clips from this week’s finale episode have just been released by HBO.

No Shrinking Violet – Jason seems to have already gotten all excited to “get it on” with Violet, but she soon meets Sookie and things change.

A Pleasant Surprise – Alcide and Sookie talk together after the funeral and how Alcide can surprises her.



  1. Yea but the Eric & Sookie reunion doesn’t look like it’s in the cards..not for a long while…just hope shes does not get with Bill sorry (Stephen Moyer) lolol or Alcide

  2. How does anybody think about Eric from these clips? Sookie could be happy with anybody but Eric.  Bill, Sam, Alcide, Violet, or happily single, anything is better. There’s no reason for them to pull that ending out of the air. I can’t even contemplate it. 
    The clips were both really interesting, I don’t think I want to know any more about the finale now. Can’t wait for Sunday.

  3. I don’t want Bill back with Sookie. I like him better this season than any
    other. He
    was a bad-ass fighting for a cause. Give him his own chick – and let Sookie be the jealous one for once. Let
    him rock!

  4. Eric is a non-starter, that relationship is dead, Sookie told Bill to go and use Eric and his blood and leave her and Warlow alone, that means Warlow means more to Sookie then Eric ever did.
    Bill has been awesome this season, and I think there will be a big battle involving Warlow and Bill and some of the other vamps, I hope Warlow is kicked back into his prison and we never have to see him again.

  5. I’m glad someone else agrees with me..Sookie doesn’t seem to care about Bill or Eric romantically anymore. All the Eric and Sookie lovers are living in a dream world with all that’s over!! Can’t they see what the writers are doing?..they even had Sookie’s gran saying their relationship wasn’t going to last it was only temporary…duh….I think when the writers gave us a Sookie and Eric relationship they did it to because it was their time to love and they must  please the fans…they knew they were cutting it short when he got his memory back…and that’s that. Excited to see what Warlow has up his cant be

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