Two New True Blood Episode 9 Promo Clips

promovideoasmHBO has released two new clips from the upcoming Episode 9 of True Blood Season 6. Seems like the funeral scene is going to be the highlight of this episode.
Flashback clip of Sam meeting Terry when he used to hide out at Fort Bellefleur after his military service.

Sookie taking her seat at Terry’s funeral next to Jane and Maxine and meeting up with Alcide.


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  1. so we get another glimpse of Terry before he started at Merlotte’s?  I loved Terry, so sad he had to die, but I guess it was inevitable because of what happened with Patrick, Terry could never live with that.
    And it looks like Alcide is finally back to being a good guy, I hated that he was made to be such a mean pack master, and Joe M looks really nice in that suit.
    And yeah, Jane and Maxine together, those two women do add a nice down home and funny touch to such a sad scenario.

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